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What Can You Expect From Working With Levit8 Business IT Solutions in Sydney?

Your issues will be resolved faster than ever

Yes, it’s true that technology has advanced to the point where a large number of Help Desk tickets can be handled remotely. But if we do need to dispatch our team to your site to rectify a complex issue, we will be able to do so quickly and efficiently – no matter how big or small the issue may be.

You are in total control

You are not at the whim of an IT “partner” that might be halfway around the country… or the world. At Levit8, we hold regular meetings with all of our clients at least once a month so that we provide what we believe in forming a transparent relathinship built upon trust and accurate professional cunsultancy.

Deeply rooted industry experience

The more distant your IT solutions provider is located, the less likely they are to understand your company and the unique challenges it faces. At Levit8, we offer holistic IT solutions in to the Sydney region to nearly every industry you can think of – from law firms to medical practices to those in the financial industry, field services, airports and beyond the horizon.

A proactive approach to it

Even if it means more tiem consuming consultancy and suppoprt hours for us in the short-term, we refuse to wait for something to “break” so that we can fix it. Instead, we bring to your compnay the true proactive approach that it needs when it needs it the most.

IT Solutions

As a dedicated Sydney IT solutions provider with years of experience in the area, the team at Levit8 prides itself on the fact that we do a lot more than just sell products or services. We want to provide your company with the true solutions that it needs in every sense of the term. We do this in different ways, including but not limited to things like:


In an era where roughly 360,000 (!) new malware samples hit the Internet every single day, it is time to enlist the help of genuine experts in the field who also happen to be located locally and available in your city.


For years, Levit8 has worked hard to become authorized resellers and implementers of some of the most effective business applications that are available for every industry - including not only Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Dynamics, Microsoft Business Central, but also a range of ERP's, CRM's, and other well known medical practice, legal firms and field service systems on the market.


At this point, it's safe to say that the cloud is here to stay and with our deeply rooted experience in all things Azure (and more), we want to promote that you take advantage of this revolution as efficiently as possible. You will gain scalabiliity, agility, guaranteed compliance, security and more all under our direction and professioanal consultancy.


Unified communications is about more than just embracing newer technology or condensing multiple bills down to a single, manageable monthly fee. It is about finally bringing every element of your business together to focus as one, regardless of how large or mobile your workforce may be.


As your Sydney IT solutions provider, we can help you embrace this new approach to IT that won't just allow you to take full advantage of modern technology enhancing productivity and reliability, but it will actually drive your IT (and your compnay) to all new levels.


Our team of specialists is ready to design a robust backup infrastructure solution for you based on the type and amount of data you need to store, and in the frequency and time you need to access your data. Don’t let your critical data be tortured, otherwise they will confess to anything!
Sydney IT Solutions Providers?

Generally speaking, there are two main types of Sydney IT solutions providers that you’ll want to familiarize yourself with. They are :

The type of company who is essentially there to sell you products and services. They will make sure you have everything you “need,” but beyond that you will largely be fending for yourself. The support they offer essentially begins and ends with a reactive help desk system operating on the old “break/fix” model for support.

The type of provider that totally understands your company and where it’s going, and will partner with you to develop a genuine vision of how to use technology to get there. They are more than just a number to call when something breaks, they are an ally by your side in every sense of the term.

None of this is meant to disparage the companies that fall into the first category, they absolutely have their place. It’s just that at Levit8, we have always made an effort and are proud to fall under the latter description. We refuse to treat every one of our clients like they are the same. We are not satisfied with simple remote help desk support and don’t think you should be either. We do not see It as a “necessary evil”, we see it as an incredible opportunity for your company and us as passionate professionals.

More than anything, we are genuine collaborators who know that you want to do incredible things with your company in both the short and long-term, and we want to use our Sydney IT solutions expertise to help make that happen.

A Trusted Sydney IT Solutions Provider?

In our humble opinion, all Sydney SMEs can stand to benefit from the significant advantages, and protection that only the right IT solutions provider can bring to the boardroom. However, at Levit8, we find that our own innovative approach to IT solutions and services is usually the best fit for organizations who:

  • Understand that an investment in IT is an investment in the future of their company.
  • Acknowledge that IT shouldn’t be a cost center, but a revenue generating device.
  • Are experiencing a exponential level of growth and who want to make sure that their infrastructure is as scalable and flexible as required.
  • Know that the key to a better return on investment is and will always be with an efficiently run IT infrastructure and future developent plan.

As stated, Levit8 has lent our Sydney IT solutions expertise to a wide range of different companies over the years in just about every industry you can think of. We currently successfully support:







If you operate an airport and want the assistance of an IT solutions partner to strengthen and fortify your IT infrastructure with an eye and experience focussed on safety and security, we can help. If you are operating in the financial industry and want to maintain compliance and protect the invaluable client data you are dealing with, we will be there. If you are a field service company that wants to empower your mobile people to do more while they are working in the field, we have got your needs covered and will introduce to some great new best practices.


Professional Pro-active Support Makes The Difference

At Levit8, we think that one of the major reasons why IT solutions are so important to Sydney companies like yours has to do with the ways in which it shatters a number of common myths, all at the same time. Believe it or not, there are still people out there who think that an outsourcing partner will never be able to match what their own internal department can do even if they can’t necessarily “afford” to set up the right internal department in the first place. They believe that engagaing in a IT solutions partner will not suit the budget. Oftentimes, they also believe they are giving up a certain degree of control over their systems and their data something that they are just not willing to do. Luckily, these things just aren’t the case anymore and they are born from an antidauated old way of thinking about technology that has been proven incoreect through innovative strategies developed by Levit8.

This, ultimately, is why Sydney IT solutions like those provided by Levit8 are so important: in allowing you to embrace your IT budget, invest in state of the art technology all whilst being supported by a trusted partner.

Instead, you get access to something that is literally built with your unique company needs in mind, something that can be used to propel you forward in a powerful way that can only be provided by the dedicated team at Levit8.

Your New Sydney IT Solutions Provider Is

So if you are ready to take control of your IT services, infrastructure and security, and are eager to explore new and innovative ways that you can use IT in working “smarter, not harder,” perfect, and as a trusted Sydney IT solutions provider with decades of experience in this industry, that’s exactly what we want to provide you with.

Please do not hesitate to contact us today or click the button below to schedule your “getting to know you” phone call. It will let us learn more about your company so that we can confirm that we are the perfect fit for one another, thus setting the stage for some truly incredible things in the short-term and beyond.