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Managed IT Services Pricing

How much does managed IT services cost?


Understand Managed IT Services Pricing

We understand as much as any business knows - budget matters. You want quality IT services that deliver optimal efficiency and security without breaking the bank. At Levit8, our transparent, flexible, and customised Managed IT Services Pricing plans make this possible for businesses of all sizes and across various domains in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney, and Melbourne.


Here, we'll explore and hopefully explain clearly, all the factor that lies behind the pricing of managed IT services. So how much does it cost for a properly managed IT?

Levit8 Business IT Solutions

What Factors Influence Managed IT Services Pricing?

Indeed, the cost of Managed IT Services varies and depends on several factors. The complexity of your IT environment, number of users and devices, specific technical needs, and the level of support required contribute to the overall pricing. An elaborate IT environment involving numerous devices, complex applications, and offerings like Spam filtering, security, antivirus, etc., adds to service demand and subsequently, the cost. However, with Levit8, expect fair prices for superior services, aiming for absolute client satisfaction.

The pricing for managed IT services is often influenced by unique business needs, such as the number of users, computer type, and number of other devices such as firewalls, printers, complicated IT systems, age of the IT systems, distinct applications, number of physical office locations, number of remote field workers compared to office workers, response time requirements, onsite support, and much more. In short, the pricing largely depends on your business model, IT infrastructure type, size, and complexity.


Most Common Pricing Models for Managed IT Services

In the managed IT market, providers offer different Managed IT Support models to cater to diverse businesses and their associated needs. You can often choose from Fully Managed, Co-Managed, and Platform management based on what fits your business requirements.

Fully Managed IT Support is usually opted for by small to medium-sized businesses that require end-to-end IT support, including Helpdesk support and management of infrastructure like Microsoft 365.

Co-Managed IT Support model is excellent for businesses with an existing IT team that needs assistance with complex issue resolution or routine task management.

Lastly, the Platform Management model allows your business to handle user-facing Helpdesk support independently while we take care of your entire IT infrastructure.

Each Managed IT Support model comes with distinctive pricing plans that revolve around Per Device, Per User, and Flat Fee models. Be it priced per device per month for maintaining any number of desktop computers, or a fixed monthly price per user management fees, our pricing models are designed for every business type. The idea of our varied pricing models is simple - to cater to businesses uniquely and provide the best value for your investments, while ensuring sustainable profits on our end too.

Levit8 Business IT Solutions

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The pricing of Managed IT Services is influenced by a myriad of factors like the complexity of your IT environment, the number of users and devices, specific technical needs, and the chosen Managed IT Support model. Whether you opt for Fully Managed, Co-Managed, or Platform management, we offer affordable pricing plans that revolve around Per Device, Per User, or Flat Fee models. This tailor-made approach ensures you pay for only what your business needs - nothing more, nothing less.

Should you wish to avail an efficient, reliable, and cost-effective Managed IT service, Levit8 is just a call away. We invite you to get in touch with us for a comprehensive monthly cost estimate and to learn more about what our Managed IT services can do for your business. Make a smart choice today with Levit8 - your trusted partner in building robust, efficient, and secure IT infrastructures.


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