Aligning Your Information Systems with Your Company Growth Strategy.

Delivering Tailored In-Depth Secure IT Solutions.

At Levit8 we are passionate about providing superior IT solutions for our clients. We achieve this by delivering premium technology combined with excellence in IT services standards. We collaborate with our clients to develop a relationship built on integrity, trust, transparency, and being accountable for risk mitigation, return on investment and exceptional value; all supported by a team of local IT experts.

As your trusted IT Solutions partner, we will guarantee you benefit from our following market leading differences:

Levit8 results
  • Providing you with pro-active IT support,
    ensuring your company is not being affected by costly, time wasting repeating issues that simply need to be rectified rather than patched.
  • Making sure your IT infrastructure and systems are scalable
    with for your growing company maintaining constant levels of security, resilience and stability.
  • Collaborating with you
    through monthly scheduled IT meetings making sure that you are always kept up to date from a high-level business prospective on emerging technologies, projects, support requests lodged and discussions regarding your future company growth and direction.
  • Maximising your return on investment (ROI)
    for business-critical IT systems, be it infrastructure, applications, or Cloud based environments.

Levit8 is a managed IT services provider dedicated to supporting SMEs across Australia re-take control of their IT in pursuit of making sure that these are the types of issues or problems you never have to spend time worrying about, allowing you to focus on your direction.

Key Performance Indicators

How We Achieve Them

As a modern-day IT solutions provider, we do not just claim to help you "increase productivity," "empower collaboration" or "work smarter, not harder" – we drive this as our number one key performance indicator. At Levit8, we refuse to make a claim that we cannot immediately back up with clear, visible action. This is how we achieve it:

  • 01
    We resolve support tickets and requests faster

    When you submit a support ticket, we work on it immediately. This means our team solve your problems faster, which in turn means you increase productivity. If there is an IT support issue that needs to be resolved now or discussed, feel free to call the team. We will always do our best to get things solved before you leave the call.

  • 02
    We put you in control

    It is our company policy to hold regular managed IT meetings on a monthly basis. Through this dedicated customer success program, you will benefit from transparency and open communication rather than being kept in the dark.

  • 03
    We promote smart use of your IT budget

    We will never sell you something for our financial benefit, rather we sell you IT solutions that we genuinely believe will solve a problem you are experiencing or promoting the accomplishment of a goal.

  • 04
    We cut to the core of every issue

    Even if it means more work for us, we fix your problems. We do not treat the symptom - we cure the disease. We have always been against "Band Aid" IT support fixes and pledge to always leverage the true pro-active approach to IT that you need to thrive and increase productivity.

  • 05
    We let your team work more efficiently

    Every minute that your team are dealing with mundane issues, time-consuming workarounds or other disruptions is a minute that your company is affected and directly causing financial impact. We address this via an innovative combination of optimized hardware, state-of-the-art software and automated processes custom built to suit you.

Levit8 IT Solutions

At Levit8, we do not sell products or services. We sell IT solutions - because that is exactly what they are. But further to this, these are custom solutions that are built ground up specifically for your company:

levit8 team at work
Managed IT Services

The benefits here spread far beyond a standard Help Desk. This is our approach to IT designed for executives who are eager for a partner to bring new ideas to the boardroom and drive their IT in to the future.

Levit8 cloud support
Cloud Hosted Telephony
(VoIP Cloud Phone System)

Hosted in AWS cloud, we provide security, stability, reliability all backed by our 99.99% guarantee on up-time and HD call quality - it's here and it's ready for you to take advantage of.

azure cloud
Cloud Platforms

We are proud to be partnered and are certified with the world’s most secure, stable, reliable, and scalable cloud platforms being Amazon AWS, and Microsoft Azure. We all know that the future of your company and computing is in the cloud. Levit8 are the passionate consultants who can help get you there in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible.

microsoft 365
Software Partnerships

Levit8 are authorized re-sellers and implementers of some of the most effective business applications in the world, including but not limited to options like Microsoft Office 365, Dynamics 365, FileBound Document Management and Workflow Automation, Atone Workforce Management Software, and more.

cyber image
Cyber Security

With the average cost of a single data breach hitting $2.5 million for Australian organizations, Cyber Security is no longer a recommendation. It is a requirement and we are here to make sure you are covered from all angles.

server rack
backup/Disaster Recovery

Different factors determine the size of a company, however, in our data-driven society, owners of all company sizes shall have the same mindset regarding the importance of their data.

Eager to Learn More About Pricing Principles?

We believe in the value of our solutions coupled with the sheer knowledge pool you gain access to that we are not just going to price our IT services and leave you wondering, rather we have written an E-book detailing everything you need to know about both us and the industry from a general point of view.

You will learn how much you can expect to pay, what you will be getting in return, and how to recognise a managed IT services provider that does not have the best interests of your company in their strategic approach or the actual solutions themselves.

Download Your Free Chapters Now

Our Ultimate Partnership

At Levit8, we would love to provide our strategic, collaborative, professional IT solutions, business IT support and IT consulting services to every SME in Australia, however, we have a confession to make that unfortunately it is not possible.

people in the office

Our philosophy, approach and experience show that we partner most effectively with:

  • Companies who understand that an efficiently operating IT infrastructure and pro-active IT support provider means ultimate return on investment and increases productivity through minimal down time or daily business disruption.
  • Companies who value IT consulting, along with people willing to bring new ideas, emerging concepts and best practices to the board room for discussion.
  • Companies who are expanding and experiencing rapid growth in turn requiring a dynamic IT solutions partner who can handle the scalability and demand right alongside them.
man in front of computer

However, we are not for everyone. We might not be able to help:

  • Companies who treat every managed IT services provider like a simple remote help desk, and do not understand the pro-active approach compared to Break Fix.
  • Companies who see IT services as a "necessary evil" rather than an investment in productivity, security, and ultimate efficiency.
  • Companies who are looking for people to take orders rather than developing strong partnerships and benefiting from genuine collaboration.

Our strength exists in leveraging our expertise to find real solutions for your business process issues, or daily IT problems and we are not able to do that by simply taking orders or patching with band aids. Our value of service and support is through collaboration, transparency, reliability and our goals are to find truly committed organisations to believe in us, partner with us, in turn being the perfect company to IT solutions provider relationships we are looking to form.

Learn more about our unique differences.

Expertise Supporting

What truly individualises Levit8 is that we have specific, organic experience across many industries in our everyday company landscape and client portfolio. We understand both your organization and the market you are operating in, widening our exposure to industry-specific software, issues and ultimately how those organisations operate best from a business prospective.

Do Not Buy into These

Common IT Myths

Over the years, we have seen far too many companies’ professionals buy into a series of common myths about what IT support can do for them... and more importantly, what it can't.

it support

Some companies out there believe an IT services provider will never be able to provide the intimate level of support that their internal department provides.

cost savings

Others believe that working with a professional IT solutions provider just won't fit within their budget.


The perception that communication is weak and many think that if they outsource to a third-party it services provider, they will not only lose control over their data – they will also lose visibility and understanding of their IT infrastructure and systems.

Levit8 Was Built to

Debunk These Myths, Once and For All

Stop being limited by your technology. Stop using large portions of your IT budget on IT services you do not require. It is time to finally enjoy the return on investment that only a custom-built infrastructure, ongoing solutions, consultancy and an efficient business IT support model can provide.

Please call us on 1800 538 488 to schedule your "getting-to-know-you" phone call or click the button below to get started.

About Levit8

Levit8 founders image

At Levit8, we have always believed that the major factor that separates us from so many competitors out there is the unique perspective we have about what our jobs are in the first place. We are not here to take orders and we are not here to sell you services you don’t require. Instead, we believe in the genuine consultative value of IT support. If you are going to get the return on investment you deserve, the situation demands a partner who understands what that means within the context of your company and how to get you there.

Truly, it doesn't have to be much more complicated than that.

Beau Hunter & Jamie Dawson

Co-founders, Levit8

Our Results

At Levit8, we are always naturally skeptical of any company that relies too heavily on industry jargon and technical specifications to sell their services. Especially in IT, the solutions themselves are often less important than the results those solutions can generate. With that in mind, we are more than proud to let our long-term, satisfied clients speak candidly about what Levit8 was able to do for them... and about what they are now able to do for their own company.

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"When I made my first call to Levit8, I knew our technology had stopped making sense a long time ago. Things "technically" worked, but everything had grown far too big for its own good and we had no idea what we were actually paying for - let alone what we were getting in return. Immediately, I could tell that Levit8 understood that this was our real pain point - one that required an approach as opposed to any one particular service. Luckily, they were able to handle both. They overhauled all of our software licensing, took over our vendor relationships and migrated us into a new cloud environment that was custom built for Mortgage Ezy as it existed today as opposed to five years ago. We're now more secure, more productive and more connected than ever - allowing us to improve the quality of services we can offer to our own clients across Australia. That's all thanks to Levit8 and I for one can't wait to see what they do next."

Peter James
CEO, Mortgage EZY
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“We have dealt with the team at Levit8 since 2012, during which time they have provided excellent IT support services in the areas of hardware support, on-site and off-site support, network and server management as well as business continuity planning. Their service meets our business needs through innovative solutions and reliable support, designed to keep our systems fully operational. For this reason, we rely on our continuing relationship, which in turn allows us to focus on our business.”

Dennis Standfield
Gall Standfield & Smith

“We have been on board with Levit8 from when they started and have had a great experience. Due to our off site locations, they have set up a server and VPN that allows everyone access to all of our important documents while on the road. If there have been any issues, the professional support team at Levit8 have answered the call and remotely supported us, rectifying the problem in a timely manner. Thank you Levit8 for keeping our business mobile and running seamlessly!”

Andrew Simpson
Director / Exercise Physiologist
My Health Team
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“Levit8 were very professional in the delivery of their services. Their ability to assess our current technology/IT and provide us with a pain free solution was invaluable to our business. The ongoing support and maintenance keeps our IT running smoothly. I would not hesitate to recommend Levit8 to any of our clients and business associates.”

David James
MK Financial Planning