Aligning Your Information Systems with Your Company Growth Strategy.

Scalable, Secure, and Efficient IT Solutions. Powered by 24/7 Managed IT Support.

  • Providing you with pro-active IT support,

    ensuring your company is not affected by costly, time wasting repeating issues that simply need to be rectified rather than patched.

  • Ensuring your IT infrastructure and systems are scalable

    in line with your future growth plan maintaining constant levels of security, resilience and stability.

  • Collaborating with our clients

    through monthly scheduled IT meetings making sure that you are always kept up to date from a high-level business prospective on emerging technologies, projects, support requests lodged and discussions regarding your future company growth and direction.

  • Maximising your return on investment (ROI)

    for business-critical IT systems, Infrastructure, Applications, Backup Solutions or Cloud based environments.

At Levit8 we are passionate about providing superior IT solutions for our clients. We achieve this by delivering premium technology combined with excellence in IT services standards. We collaborate with our clients to develop a relationship built on integrity, trust, transparency, and being accountable for risk mitigation, return on investment and exceptional value; all supported by a team of local IT experts.
About Pricing
Eager to Learn More About Pricing Principles?

We believe in the value of our solutions coupled with the sheer knowledge pool you gain access to that we are not just going to price our IT services and leave you wondering, rather we have written an E-book detailing everything you need to know about both us and the industry from a general point of view.

You will learn how much you can expect to pay, what you will be getting in return, and how to recognise a managed IT services provider that does not have the best interests of your company in their strategic approach or the actual solutions themselves.

It services

Key Performance
As a modern-day IT solutions provider, we do not just claim to help you “increase productivity,” “empower collaboration” or “work smarter, not harder” – we drive this as our number one key performance indicator. At Levit8, we refuse to make a claim that we cannot immediately back up with clear, visible action. This is how we achieve it.

Support tickets resolved faster

Thanks to Levit8’s specialised onboarding process for all clients, our team are able to resolve your staff’s technical concerns faster than any other MSP! The foundation in which Levit8 has been built on allows our team to provide a genuine proactive approach to upcoming technical concerns for your company.

All support tickets are handled in a professional manner which includes some VIP queues for urgent requests to ensure your company can continue to move in a time of need.  

IT should be a catalyst for your successes and that’s what we achieve at Levit8.  

True partnership and collaboration

Levit8 are in the business of forming long-term fruitful relationships with our client’s executive management teams and their entire staff. When it comes to growth strategies, maintaining compliance and governance, automating manual tasks, streamlining the use of technology, implementing best practices and policies around data, disaster recovery, we have it covered.  
Levit8 have been fortunate enough to partner with companies across all trades, from mining to construction, accounting to law firms, airports to specialised and niche companies. We are a team of highly experienced technical and business minded people who will work alongside your team for any project! If we don’t master in it, we will steer you in the right direction.

We promote smart use of your IT budget

Levit8 help our clients in every stage of their technology journey right down to choosing the right computer for your new staff member! We have a VIP online procurement platform where we can place orders for hardware and software from Australia’s leading vendors and if you find a price online then we will beat it. Our goal is to ensure you get the right equipment for the right price. 

Through our asset manager you will be able to determine what hardware and software needs replacing / upgrading and when. This helps you plan annual budgets for life-cycling IT equipment so you’re more in the know. Levit8 give you more control of your technology! 

Proactive support, fix it right the first time

The Levit8 support team are trained a unique way when we onboard new support staff given, we provide a more hands on service with our clients. When your team contact us for support with your technology concerns, we will make it our mission to not only resolve the issue but ensure it is resolved properly the first time around.  
We don’t ‘treat the symptom’ we cure the disease In our eyes, this is a win-win scenario; your teams’ issue is resolved properly the first time and for our team we know it won’t occur again.  

Effortless onboarding with Levit8

Levit8 have spent the entirety of our time in business to constantly improve our onboarding process for smooth transitions and thorough documentation. The onboarding process sets the tone for how well a company is supported by that IT firm and thus we take this very seriously. We have a number of phases, tickets, and tasks that our specialised onboarding officers must complete.  
We take it upon ourselves to manage the entire onboarding process with little intervention from our clients. We only need our new clients to complete 3 easy steps and then it’s all in our hands! With absolutely no downtime to your staff! We know you will be very impressed with how easy it is to move across to Levit8.  

Expertise Supporting

What truly individualises Levit8 is that we have specific, organic experience across many industries in our everyday company landscape and client portfolio. We understand both your organization and the market you are operating in, widening our exposure to industry-specific software, issues and ultimately how those organisations operate best from a business prospective.







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