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Levit8 Business IT Solutions

Outsourced Managed IT


Navigate The Digital Landscape With Levit8's Outsourced IT Managed Services

Empowering Your Business with Best-in-Class IT Support


What are Outsourced Managed IT Services?

When speaking about outsourcing in the business context, it generally refers to the process of delegating a specific business function or operation to a third-party expert. In the realm of IT, outsourcing can entail tasks like basic helpdesk support, server maintenance or software updates.


On the other hand, managed IT services take a more extensive approach, offering holistic support designed to improve and streamline your entire IT function. This broad spectrum support can include strategic planning, network management, disaster recovery, cybersecurity management and more, all delivered by one provider under an ongoing contract.


Despite both involving external partnership, they are fundamentally different: Outsourcing aims at handling specific tasks, while managed services go beyond, operating as an extension of your business and providing comprehensive IT support services.


The Differences Between Outsourcing and Managed Services

Outsourced IT support is most beneficial when you need to address a specific, finite project. This approach can be especially useful for time-bound, low-stakes tasks where broad expertise or strategy isn't necessary. Because of the transactional nature of outsourcing, this form of IT support can sometimes translate to less long-term investment from the provider.


Meanwhile, managed IT support is tailored to businesses seeking longer-term partnership with a more comprehensive approach to IT. The primary goal of managed services is to progressively improve your IT functions, hence making your business more efficient and secure in the long-run.

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Our difference
Levit8 Business IT Solutions

Experience Levit8's Unrivaled Outsourced Managed IT Services

Levit8’s outsourced managed IT services function as an extension of your in-house teams, providing comprehensive tech support and proactive enhancement of your IT infrastructure. We enable and empower your business  with our managed IT to navigate the increasingly complex digital landscape with ease.


By choosing Levit8, your business gains access to unprecedented IT capabilities handled by an expert team available around the clock, every day. We take pride in understanding your unique needs and tailoring our services accordingly, helping you achieve your goals more efficiently.


Don't wait to transform your IT operations. Get in touch with us today for a consultation or a tailored quote.


The Benefits of Outsourcing Your IT Support

Small and medium-sized businesses stand to gain a lot from outsourcing their IT support. Most notably, it provides the benefit of having access to a team of experts who can manage and resolve complex IT issues, without the need for in-house expertise. 

Moreover, outsourcing can significantly cut costs as businesses can avoid the high expense of recruiting, training, and maintaining an in-house IT team, while still enjoying access to the latest technology and IT best practices.

Significant savings off internal payroll employment

True 365 days a year end-user & infrastruture support

Greater breadth of expertise in a team of professionals

Positive end-user satisfaction through availiability & transparency

Industry leading automation software live monitoring and alerting on critical servers, cloud and onsite infrastructure

Levit8 Business IT Solutions

Levit8's Unique Outsourced Managed IT Services

Levit8 distills decades of IT expertise into human-centered solutions that align perfectly with your organisational needs. More than just a service provider, we are your partners in navigating the digital landscape. Our team approaches your real-world challenges with empathy, providing clear, effective IT support tailored to your business.


Moreover, Levit8 guarantees secure, reliable, flexible, and scalable IT ecosystems for your business. Our simple contract approach combined with customised client portals for a seamless experience, solidifies our commitment to your business success and continuity. Try Levit8’s IT managed services, the perfect blend of personal touch and professionalism.

  • Managed IT Support

  • Managed Infrastructure

  • Cloud Computing

  • Software & Applications

  • Cloud Telephony Solutions

  • Network Control & Connectivity

  • CyberSecurity & Education

  • End-user Support

  • Project Management & Professional Services 

  • Manned 24/7 Support Desk


Leave IT To Us, So You Can Focus On Your Business

Get in contact with our team to discuss how we can partner with you to ensure your technology is our problem, ensuring you can get back to working on your business.

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The team always have the answers and complete my requests nice and fast. What I like is that information is checked and cross referenced before changes are made. Thanks Levit8 support team you are all amazing.
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Levit8 Business IT Solutions

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