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Microsoft 365 For Business

Everything you need to improve your productivity, your communications and your ability to work from anywhere.

Microsoft 365 is a suite of apps that help you stay connected and get things done. With the correct approach (and the right partner), it’s never been easier to design a custom deployment that will drive your business forward, and the benefits you’ll receive as a result will boost your business into the next generation.

LEVIT8: Raise the bar.
Microsoft 365 Benefits

We are a team of Microsoft certified professionals who are here to assist you with all your Microsoft licensing and product requirements.

For years, businesses of all industries have been turning to Microsoft’s suite of solutions like Office 365 to unlock a world of unique benefits, read about them and how they could benefit your business.

Increased Collaboration
Unbeatable Availiability
Pay As You Go
Amazing Mobility
Predictable Costs

Increased Team Collaboration

Because everything is hosted in the cloud, it’s never been easier to communicate with employees and instantly share critical information with one another, instant synchronised changes, live collaboration.

Whether you want to connect with family and friends, learn remotely, or collaborate with your team, there’s a Microsoft 365 plan to meet your needs.


Unbeatable Azure Availiability

Thanks to the fact that all of our services are hosted on Microsoft’s groundbreaking Azure platform, you won’t have to worry about things like downtime ever again.

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Pay AS You Go Licensing

With pay-as-you-go licensing, your organization is able to turn on or off licensing depending on the number of users that require Microsoft Office 365.

In conjunction with our Managed IT Services, we provision your licensing, so rest assured if you require changes, we are your one stop shop, dont pay for licensing that is not required.


Amazing Mobility

Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solution designed to tackle your toughest mobile tech challenges, regardless of the device type and operating system (OS) your business uses.

Ensure data stays safe, devices stay working and your remote workers stay productive.

Talk to our team of solutions executives to take control of your mobile workforce.


Predictable Costs

Rather than dealing with convoluted and complicated software license structures, everything is available through one fixed regular subscription.

Utilising our Managed IT Services, and leveraging your access to our professioanl Solutions Executives Team, we will monitor and maintina strict licesning within budget to make sure you only pay for what you require.

LEVIT8: Raise the bar.
Let Our Team Migrate you To Microsoft 365; Empowering Your WorkForce

At Levit8, we are well aware that Microsoft’s various solutions already bring a great deal of value to the table on their own. We want to partner with you, and assist you to extend that value even further, allowing you to take advantage of our professional Microsoft certified solutions architects ability to recommend, plan, and migrate you to the best solution for your business:

LEVIT8: Raise the bar.
LEVIT8; Your Microsoft Certified Professionals Who Can Migrate You With Ease

So if you’re finally ready to extend the benefits of Microsoft’s powerful suite of business applications as far as they can go, great – let our team of professionals migrate you with confidence and ease.

Let’s discuss your requirements, your business and how we can help. Our Microsoft certified team of solutions executives are excited to help you migrate to Microsoft 365 for Business, empowering your workforce, securing your critical company data, and allowing for scalability in line with your business growth strategies.

LEVIT8: Raise the bar.
Levit8 IT Solutions – Other Services We Offer

At Levit8, we do not sell products or services. We provide IT solutions – because that is exactly what they are.
But further to this, we utilise our corporate business experience and industry knowledge to customise solutions that are built ground up specifically for your company in your industry vertical

Microsoft 365 For Business

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