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How Cybercriminals Hack Your Business, Causing You Downtime And Potentially Open You To Litigation

Updated: Jan 14


"There are many ways that a cybercriminal can hack your company, however, there is one main way that we as an IT company see over and over again, and that is a lack of internal Cyber Safe education." - Levit8 Business IT Solutions Team

Too many companies remain blind to the fact that their most significant threats are within their own walls. Whether ASX-listed, SME, or a start-up, they all face the same major gap that can only be filled with time, training, and tools. The gap is employees and a lack of education in CyberSafe best practices. Every person in the business and sometimes even including the technical people.


Understanding Cybercriminals

cybercriminal with the face hidden seated in a desk with a computer in the dark

We Are All Vulnerable

We are all vulnerable to cyber-criminal activities, and no, they don’t always go after your bank details, there is a raft of other information they could take that offers them far greater value. They also don’t solely send you emails with sneaky links, there are many other tricks and ‘hacks’ they use to lure you into their control.

Often the most damaging attacks happen from internal staff. Now we aren’t saying that you shouldn’t trust your team, what we’re saying is that you should safeguard your company from the potential of malicious activities. Even something as simple as leaving your server cabinet door unlocked poses a major risk for those with on-premise servers.

A well-protected kingdom has a moat and drawbridge, high walls, guards on watch, and security detail protecting within – your ‘kingdom’ should be set up in a way that it has multiple safeguards to prevent attacks from the outside, and to swiftly sort out internal misconduct.

How To Prevent It

When it comes to technology, we as IT Solutions providers need to help companies understand the best practices to follow, such as, what steps and safeguards are needed when transferring information to one another and to external parties. A great example is safely sharing a file over an email containing sensitive information. Industries dealing with highly confidential information, like law firms, financial firms, and health organisations, should deem their cyber security critical.

Understand that you will never be 100% safe from all types of malicious activities, whether they come from outside of your network (someone not employed by your company) or inside of your network (a staff member). Professional IT Services companies can help you locate where the threat vectors reside for your business, as the attacks can be tailored for every company, even those in the same industry.

Managed Cyber Security Services

With cybercrime becoming rampant, it is increasingly important to defend your business against cyber-attacks.

Consider choosing an MSP who can provide a comprehensive cybersecurity solution and implements best practices to minimise risk.

Ensure your Managed IT Services company explains how they will handle your information and their security procedures. Most importantly, ask your provider if they have a Cyber Security Learning Management System, an online education tool where your employees can register and learn. Education is the most overlooked Cyber Security issue in today's business landscape. With an education platform in place, world-leading End-point protection software such as CrowdeStrike should be deployed to all devices in your company, CrowdStrike Stop Breaches!


Do You Still Have Questions About Cyber Security That We Can Assist You With?

Levit8 can help you understand and plan for these events so that, even if the worst possible scenario occurred, you could rest assured knowing you have put up safeguards, installed backups, and reduced or prevented the damaging impact of a cyber-attack. After all, you worked so hard to build your company to where it stands today, we work hard to help you protect it.

To speak to one of our IT experts, call us on 1800 538 488 or click here to contact us.


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