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Levit8 Business IT Solutions

IT Services Management

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What is IT Services Management or ITSM?

IT Services Management is a systematic approach towards managing and aligning all IT support services with the needs of a business. It ensures that the right processes, people, and technology are in place so your organization can meet its business goals. In simple terms, ITSM is about making sure your IT services are as strong and efficient as they can be.

The core essence of ITSM is managing and aligning IT services with your business needs. It is quite different from managing IT as stacks of individual components. ITSM sees IT services as an amalgamation of various elements - hardware, software, and networks, but also human resources, processes, suppliers, and more. It considers these services as a unified whole that seamlessly work together to support the end objectives of the business.

The focus of ITSM is not just to ensure that the technology works correctly; it’s to deliver IT as a service, where resources, practices, and technologies are aimed at providing value to the business user—thus enabling the organization to reach its business

Levit8 Business IT Solutions

The Role of an IT Support Provider in ITSM

As you managed IT service provider, Levit8 plays a pivotal role in this saga. We adopt the baton of managing your entire IT infrastructure, be it hardware, network, security, or cloud telephony. Our outsourced IT support anticipates potential challenges, mitigates security risks, and addresses IT glitches even before they happen. Essentially, Levit8 ensures your IT sails smoothly so you can focus on what matters most - running your business.

Levit8 Business IT Solutions

The Importance of IT Services Management

Modern businesses cannot survive without robust business IT support services—the importance of which is emphasized by the ITSM approach. It delivers cost efficiency by reducing downtime, offers increased agility with cloud solutions, and enhances productivity with updated applications. Plus, with a comprehensive cybersecurity solution like ours, no threat goes unnoticed. As a cornerstone of IT, ITSM enables businesses to flourish in the digital era.

Levit8 Business IT Solutions

The Differences Between ITSM and ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library)

ITSM and ITIL—two acronyms often mistaken as synonymous—are indeed different. ITSM represents the entire approach to managing IT services, which encompasses the frameworks and methodologies to do so. ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library), on the other hand, is one of those methodologies—a detailed set of best practices for IT service management. 

Our difference
Levit8 Business IT Solutions

The ITSM Processes

ITSM processes are the defined set of procedures carried out for the design, delivery, management, and improvement of the IT services a business uses. These include:

Service Request Management: Addressing simple, low-risk requests made by users, such as password resets or access provision.

Incident Management: Responding to an unexpected event or service interruption and returning the service to its previous state.

Problem Management: Identifying recurrent incidents and addressing the root cause to prevent future occurrences.

Change Management: Managing changes in a standardized manner to minimize IT service incidents and improve outcomes.


Choose Levit8 for Your IT Service Management

As your IT service provider, Levit8 efficiently executes these processes, adding value at every stride and ensuring an IT experience that spells excellence. Our state-of-the-art ITSM techniques make us a trusted partner for businesses of all sizes looking to elevate their IT shores.


Ready to power up with Levit8 IT services management? Reach out to us and set sail on your IT transformation journey today. Together, we can surge beyond the limitations, master ITSM, and Levit8 your business to new heights.

Significant savings off internal payroll employment

True 365 days a year end-user & infrastruture support

Greater breadth of expertise in a team of professionals

Positive end-user satisfaction through availiability & transparency

Industry leading automation software live monitoring and alerting on critical servers, cloud and onsite infrastructure

Levit8 Business IT Solutions

Leave IT To Us, So You Can Focus On Your Business

Get in contact with our team to discuss how we can partner with you to ensure your technology is our problem, ensuring you can get back to working on your business.

Levit8 Business IT Solutions

Support Plan Inclusions & Features


Support & Service Delivery

Report issues / view analytics 

Manned 24/7 Australian Helpdesk

SLA delivery guarantee

Customised client portal, ticket escalation & reporting

Dedicated Client Success Manager 


Rapid Remote Support

Requests / issues

Server, end-user, network, & application support

Remote screen control & access

First-line support for third-party applications

Microsoft Office support


Pro-active Monitoring & Maintenance

Server patching and security updates

24/7 critical infrastructure monitoring & pro-active action

Desktop patching and security updates

Corrective action of monitoring alerts


Executive Features & Inclusions

Customised client forms in the client portal 

Dedicated Client Success Manager

Monthly backup, effort, and security reporting

Line of business & third-party software support

Scheduled monthly, quarterly and yearly discussions

Australian manned 24/7 support helpdesk

Phone support, remote support, and onsite support

"What our clients say about us"

The team always have the answers and complete my requests nice and fast. What I like is that information is checked and cross referenced before changes are made. Thanks Levit8 support team you are all amazing.
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Customer Success Manager

Levit8 Business IT Solutions

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