Trouble-Free Operation of IT Systems and Business Processes

Partnering with a Managed Services Provider relieves you of the responsibility for managing a range of IT functions and processes which helps in improving operations and reducing expenses.

Unlike on-demand solutions where an IT services provider acts upon a request from the business to fix a problem and sends out an invoice when the task is completed, we take on the responsibility of providing ongoing managed services bound by a service-level agreement which details the extent of service and how it will be measured.

IT Systems and Business Processes
Managed Service

Given the enormous scope of IT technology and the astonishingly rapid pace at which it progresses, it becomes difficult for in-house staff to address challenges with the speed and capabilities offered by a reputable Managed Services provider.

As your IT Managed Services partner, we can help you plan your requirements 12 to 24 months in advance. As a result of this proactive support, you can plan and budget for IT infrastructure and software upgrades to minimise downtime and the risks of viruses and crashes.

An essential part of our service includes regular reporting to demonstrate our performance and the improvement in productivity and efficiency you are being provided.

IT plays a crucial role in the operations of your business and working with someone with your best interests ensures you will receive proactive service which delivers on promise outcomes which fit in with your business objectives.

Managed Service
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IT companies operate differently to every other industry and it’s very important for a company to choose one that they can rely on and trust. Especially given the IT provider would have the ‘keys to the Kingdom.’
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Industries We Serve
Law Firm

Law Firm

Client information is of vital importance in the legal industry. Clients expect their personal data, birth certificates, phone records and tax records to be kept safely while their case is being handled.

Legal firms are increasingly reliant on technology and if the IT systems are not up to date, cyber security breaches can leave the firm vulnerable to the risk of hackers.

If a legal firm’s computer systems are disabled or corrupted, the loss in productivity and revenue and productivity can have a huge impact on the business. A single hacked email account can compromise the confidential information of hundreds of clients. A legal firm which shows lapses in protecting its data and network and data will lose the trust of clients.

Keeping sensitive data safe requires more than just a firewall and basic antivirus software. Demonstrating to clients that IT security is taken seriously gives them a greater level of confidence to utilise a legal firm’s services.

Our range of services includes Document Protection, Software Integration, Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery and Digital Dictation.

Medical Practice

The healthcare industry requires maintaining the highest technology standards and networks are required to provide maximum uptime as well as disaster resilience. They also need to be sufficiently powerful to service a large and distributed workforce.

Healthcare technology needs to provide the strongest possible defence against cyberattacks as well as strictly comply with current regulations.

Effective cybersecurity requires a sustained effort and the expertise of a highly skilled team of professionals. The IT team at Levit8 has decades of combined experience in keeping healthcare organisations safe from cyber attacks.

We keep abreast of the latest cyber developments, perform ongoing cyber security audits and testing to counter threats and proactively maintain the infrastructure and software of medical companies.

We keep abreast of the latest cyber developments, perform ongoing cyber security audits and testing to counter threats and proactively maintain the infrastructure and software of medical companies.

Our cybersecurity services for the medical practice industry include:

  1. Data Breach Prevention and Mitigation
  2. Vendor Management
  3. IT Budget Management
  4. 24/7/365 Support


Airports are complex environments facing unique challenges requiring IT Managed Services from providers with specific knowledge and wide-ranging capabilities required for peak operational efficiency.

Levit8 understands the ongoing challenges that airport IT managers face every day. Our airport IT systems are able to keep operations flowing and passengers moving.

Our Managed Services team understands that downtime is costly and are committed to ensuring every issue is expertly and cost-effectively resolved.

We offer industry-leading Service Level Agreements (SLA), proactive analysis and monitoring as well as world-class 24×7 technical support.

The Levit8 approach provides the highest level of service at an agreed price for the consistent delivery of flexible and cost-effective solutions.

  1. Airport systems we support includ
  2. Disaster Recovery in the Cloud
  3. Airport Network Management
  4. Passenger Self-Service Systems
  5. Security Access and Monitoring

Financial Industry

While financial institutions adopt increasingly intricate business systems and processes they often struggle to respond to regulatory requirements and security threats.

To deliver efficient services and protect sensitive client information requires financial services organisations to streamline business processes, improve data security and maximise new technologies.

Stringent regulation and data security and laws place enormous demands on IT systems, requiring increased program administration which escalates data storage and hardware costs.

Our IT Managed Services for financial companies helps them improve security, while decreasing capital and operating costs.

Levit8 offers a comprehensive managed IT solution which optimises technology solutions across a broad spectrum of financial institutions as follows:

  1. PCI Compliance
  2. Software Integration
  3. Security
  4. Auditing

Field Service

Meeting service level agreements (SLA) and providing excellent support are of vital importance to field service organisations looking to maintain customer loyalty and profitability.

A mobile computing device and real-time wireless connectivity to the business ensures field staff can effectively complete work at the site without making costly return trips to the business location. Equipping field staff with mobile data helps them to provide superior and faster customer service, significantly increasing profitability.

Mobile computing devices and field service management software provides field staff with access to complete details of work orders and other information which helps in ensuring they arrive with all the information required to complete the task efficiently.

Our Managed Services for Field Service Companies Include:

  1. Programmed Maintenance
  2. Resource Optimization
  3. Full 360 View Of Your Customers
  4. Real-Time Guidance


Trouble-Free Operation of IT Systems and Business Processes