IT Solutions for Field Service Companies

The Proactive Approach to IT

that Field Services Companies Can Depend on

Field Service
How Levit8 can usher in a new era of productivity for your business:
  • You and your people can finally work in a truly mobile fashion, allowing people to be just as productive in the field as they are in their own offices.
  • Despite this, you can always rest easy knowing that your cybersecurity needs are taken care of. Our team will work to guarantee the complete protection of ALL of your employees, regardless of where they are.
  • Take the guesswork out of running a business with not only programed maintenance (allowing you to focus your time on more valuable tasks), but also automated reminders for important jobs to be completed and much, much more.

Levit8's Approach to

Field Service Company IT Support

At Levit8, we understand that the success of your business depends on two factors - your ability to remain as mobile as possible, all while allowing your technicians to be as proactive and productive as they can. That's why we're proud to offer an innovative, fully adaptable platform that can be easily customized to fit YOUR unique needs and to help you achieve YOUR unique long-term outcomes.

When applied properly, the right IT support can help drive innovation within a field service company - and that's exactly the type of benefit we want to unlock for you as fast as we possibly can.

Levit8's Field Services Industry Solutions

Programmed maintenance

Let all of the important reminders you need on jobs that need to be done, delivered right to any smartphone or tablet.

resource optimization
Resource optimization

Levit8 can help you automate and improve scheduling in a way that makes sure you're always getting the most value out of your technicians.

building crew at work
A full, 360-degree view of your customers

Don't just work on selling services - finally, work on building the types of relationships that will serve you both well for
years to come.

levit8 team working
Real-time guidance

We'll help identify ways to not only improve resolution times exponentially, but to also earn that valuable customer
trust as well.