We help companies who:

Understand the value of investing in a proactive IT support provider capable of efficiently managing their IT infrastructure in a way that increases productivity by minimising downtime and business disruption.

Value the role of IT consultants who can bring new ideas, introduce emerging concepts and best practices to streamline and scale operations.

Are expanding and require a dynamic IT solutions partner capable of supporting their ambitious growth plans.

Tailored IT Solutions that Drive Growth and Profitability
About us

With a passion for providing world-class IT solutions for clients, Levit8 clients are assured of premium technology services delivered with excellent IT service standards. We build trust with clients through a collaborative approach based on integrity, transparency, trust and accountability.

As a trusted IT Solutions partner, we differentiate ourselves by:

  • Proactive and Timely Support to ensure any IT related issues are anticipated and countered before they become costly, time-consuming and a waste of resources
  • Building Scalable IT Systems and Infrastructure
    for growing companies to operate securely and maintain resilience and stability.
  • A Collaborative Framework  based on regular reporting and up-to-date advice on harnessing emerging technologies, project implementation, handling support requests and ongoing discussions about the future growth and direction of the company.
  • Maximising Return On Investment (ROI) for IT systems, whether infrastructure, applications, or Cloud based environments.

Services We Provide

Levit8 offers a comprehensive range of solutions to meet the IT requirements of fast growing Australian businesses.
Managed Services
Cloud Communication
Cloud Computing
Software Solutions
Cyber Security

As Managed Service Providers, we take a proactive approach to maintaining and monitoring business IT infrastructure networks, servers and vital systems to prevent minor issues from escalating.

We have access to the latest expertise and technology capabilities for a business segment or for their entire IT operations. This gives businesses more freedom to focus on mission-critical goals and an opportunity to minimise overhead costs.

Our 24×7 managed IT services provide impartial assessments and practical solutions that are backed by many years of expertise to give clients complete peace-of-mind.

A fixed monthly fee enables businesses to manage costs effectively and easily scale their operations up or down.

State-of-the-Art 3CX Cloud Phone Systems

3CX Cloud Phone Systems allows businesses to make calls over the internet instead of relying on conventional telephone lines.

The Virtual PBX hosted securely in the cloud allows businesses to have full control of their data. It can be easily set up and configured without the need for installing hardware at the business premises.

A powerful IP PBX installation can be created and hosted with a preferred cloud provider in just a few simple steps.

3CX is different from other Virtual PBX solutions because it is a dedicated VoIP PBX, giving full control for the business to choose their preferred cloud hosting provider.

Cloud computing enables organisations to store their information at a remote data centre instead of storing data on their premise.

It minimises the operational costs of large-scale businesses while enabling them to offer quality service to customers. Businesses that embrace cloud computing are more agile, productive and responsive to changes in technology.

Businesses that are not prepared to move to the cloud may find themselves increasingly vulnerable to security breaches.

We invest time and effort in developing security solutions for clients which results in significant savings compared to what they can achieve by running their own technology.

An efficient software platform helps to unlock the latest digital capabilities to drive business growth.

It comprises several skills and disciplines. Our software solutions packages offer a comprehensive suite from planning, designing, developing and testing to deploying and maintenance. All of these contribute to efficiency and effectiveness.

Levit8 software solution professionals keep up with the rapid changes in the industry and work closely with our clients to modify existing systems or create new ones.

 We provide a holistic approach that includes:

  •  Software specification
  • System analysis and design
  • Construction, testing
  • Implementation and training
  • Business software system maintenance

Our Cyber Security services protect business computers, programs and data from online attacks or unauthorised access.

The major cyber security areas are:

Application Security 

This includes measures to safeguard business applications against threats as well as the identification of application design and development flaws.

Information Security

Information security protects businesses from unauthorised access to information, protects privacy and prevents identity theft. Common techniques used are the Identification, authorisation and authentication of users and cryptography.

Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery planning includes risk assessment, priority setting and developing recovery strategies in case a disaster occurs. All businesses require a robust disaster recovery plan so that they can resume normal business operations as quickly as possible if a disaster occurs.

Network Security

Network security includes activities which help in protecting the usability, reliability, integrity, and safety of a network.

Effective network security is helpful in preventing security threats from entering and spreading through the network. Network security comprises; anti-spyware & anti-virus, firewalls for blocking unauthorised network access, Intrusion prevention systems (IPS) to identify threats like zero-hour or zero-day attacks and Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) for secure remote access.

Our Core Values

Levit8 is passionate about providing world-class IT solutions for clients. While we constantly adapt to stay abreast with changes in “state-of-the-art technology”, we remain true to our core values.


Everything we do is driven by passion. It is why we do what we do and how we are able to deliver the highest levels of service to clients.


Our personalised approach to serving clients is backed by honesty and integrity…it’s what we stake our reputation on.


We provide full transparency in everything we do. Our communication is honest and straightforward even if some conversations are difficult to have.


We assume complete accountability for our role as your technology partner. We are reliable, responsive and available to help you meet with all your IT requirements


Whether you are looking for technology products, services or support, we will provide you with optimum solutions to help your business achieve operational efficiencies.


We observe the highest levels of professionalism in all our interactions with clients. Our collaborative effort is what sets us apart from others and has earned us the respect of our clients.

Industries We Serve

Law Firms

At Levit8, we provide law firms with highly efficient and cost effective IT support. We have industry-specific experience required to keep up with a fast paced legal environment. We appreciate that there is no “tiny problem” in a law firm – downtime leads to slashed productivity, potential compliance issues and more. It can even begin to erode the fragile trust between law firms and their clients. We understand that even seasoned legal professionals work all hours of the day – and the hours and minutes leading up to those deadlines are some of the most important of all.

That’s why we’re available on the exact same 24/7/365 schedule of our clients- because we’re not going to let downtime get in the way of the important work that our clients are doing.

Medical Practices

At Levit8, we have many years of experience supporting medical practices and know how to keep operations running smoothly. We understand the unique flow that medical practice IT support requires, and how complex networks can get when equipment such as x-ray machines, transcription devices, specialist imaging equipment and more are added.

Above all else, we want to make our clients don’t have to focus so much attention on managing their computer systems and instead dedicate their time for patient-care, exactly the way it should be.

Financial Services

At Levit8 we understand just how much of the modern financial industry business depends on a rock solid foundation of IT. This is especially true for people like accountants, where so much of the work with clients needs to be done remotely. Seasonal fluctuations are always a concern as well, as things tend to ramp up significantly around tax season before slowing down again for the rest of the year. So financial industry businesses don’t just need a stable, modern approach to IT – but also one that can continue to grow and evolve with the business.

The team at Levit8 have been working with financial services businesses for years and we have the industry-specific experience needed to handle not only pressing short-term issues like PCI compliance and security, but also long-term ones like auditing and risk mitigation as well.

Field Service Companies

At Levit8, we understand that the success of a field service business depends on two factors – an ability to remain as mobile as possible, while allowing technicians to be as proactive and productive as they can. That’s why we’re proud to offer an innovative, fully adaptable platform that can be easily customized to fit unique needs and to help field service companies achieve their unique long-term outcomes.

When applied properly, the right IT support can help drive innovation within a field service company – and that’s exactly the type of benefit we want to unlock for a business as fast as we possibly can.

We understand that every SME is a little bit different from the next – which is why there’s truly no “one size fits all” approach to IT support for these businesses. It is difficult to create a competitive advantage when a business is forced to use the same technology that everyone else uses. The business also can’t continue to expand and mature if the IT infrastructure was not designed in a way to support that. This is why we’re not only prepared to provide the IT infrastructure and related services needed, but we can do so in a way that continues to grow and evolve as the SME grows.

Not only can we provide fully custom solutions that an SME needs to create a genuine competitive advantage, but we can also unlock opportunities for optimization and increased productivity, assist with employee onboarding & training and much, much more.

If you’re ready to break free of the limitations of the “traditional” approach to Managed IT Services and enjoy an era where technology works for you instead of the other way around, terrific – we’re ready, too.


At Levit8, we understand just how complicated even small, regional airports can be from an IT perspective. We also understand that there is no such thing as “one small problem” in an airport – even 15 minutes of downtime can compromise the safety of your environment, can delay flights and strand passengers, and can cause the damage to your reputation that can be difficult (or even impossible) to recover from.

With our years of airport-specific IT experience, the team at Levit8 is ready to make sure that these are the types of things clients do not have to worry about any longer. We want our clients to enjoy all of the advantages of modern technology with as few of the potential downsides as possible.

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