LEVIT8: Raise the bar.

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    E: info@levit8.com.au

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    Monday to Friday

    7am to 6pm Client Support

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    T: 1800 538 488 (24/7 Emergency Client Support)

    LEVIT8: Raise the bar.
    Our Unique Difference

    At Levit8 we pride ourseleves on transparency, partnering with our clients, in possessing passion for technology we provide honest fit for purpose technology solutions, always maintaining the highest level of security. We promote improvements and provide recommendations developing efficiencies, planning for future growth and scalability in todays ever expanding transient company landscapes. Partner with Levit8, you will enjoy our differences, and we look forward to assiting you.

    Our Values

    1. Passion – The central motivation behind who we are, what we do and why we do it!
    2. Integrity – Having honest principles and a personalised approach to customer needs.
    3. Transparency – Open communication; do as we say with no hidden gimmicks or fees.
    4. Accountability – Take ownership of our role being; reliable, available and responsive.
    5. Excellence – Provide optimum solutions via premium products, service and support.
    6. Collaboration – Unified professional interactions both internally and with clients.

    Our Mission

    “At Levit8 we are passionate about providing superior IT solutions for our clients. We do this by delivering premium technology combined with excellence in service standards. We collaborate with our clients to develop a relationship built on integrity, trust, transparency, and being accountable for risk mitigation, return on investment and exceptional value; all supported by a team of local IT experts. We raise the bar…

    LEVIT8: Raise the bar.
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