Every Journey Has a Beginning...

Every company has that pivotal moment where things just crystallize forming a pathway to success and partnership, where the journey that they have embarked on has never had more clarity. For the team at Levit8, that moment came when we had a realization about the IT industry and what it was lacking from providers well established.

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We found that many IT companies that have the capabilities to handle the needs of large user bases and complex IT situations were great on the surface, but they often lacked the strategic and advisory elements to perform the complex tasks efficiently all whilst assuming ultimate accountability. At the same time, there are smaller IT consultancies who can provide those strategic relationships, but they often can not meet the requirements of larger and more complex company structures in the ever so dynamically evolving landscape of technological advances.

That nexus where those two ideas overlap is the vertical where Levit8 was born.

This genuine chance to hold a special place in the market as one of the few IT companies that could provide the advanced solutions and strategic insight required for and supporting SMEs is one that we could not afford to capitalise on.

This revelation also led us to the almost immediate development of our core values - values that are very distinct from a lot of other providers in this space, which is something we are very proud of.

Our Core Values

At Levit8, we are passionate about the opportunity to provide the best IT solutions to our clients. While the definition of "state-of-the-art technology" changes on a regular basis, our core values do not. Here they are:

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This is at the heart of who we are, what we do and, most critically, why we do it. Without passion, we have no reason to be here in the first place.

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It isn't enough to just have a personalized approach to client needs - we also need to abide by honesty and integrity every single day.

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Gone are the days of gimmicks and hidden fees. Every communication we have is honest - even when some conversations are more difficult to have than others.

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We take complete ownership of our role in the life of your business. We are reliable, available and responsive - no matter what.

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Whether you're looking for products, services or just support, we will always provide you the optimum solutions you need when you need them the most.


We guarantee that every interaction we have - both internally and externally with our clients - will be professional. Only then can we come together to form something far more effective than we could be on our own.

Our core values, of course, are what have leveraged us to attract and hire the most experienced, professional, and friendly team over the years.

Meet the Team

We do not make judgements on what type of company you are operating or even what industry you are experts within - your true power as an organization comes from the people you surround yourself with. Without the right team of people behind you, you are not just dealing with micromanagement, and battling productivity – you are losing traction, in turn not receiving the return on investment you deserve. We believe that this is evident in our core values, but it is also clear in the people we hire, those who bring their passion and their expertise to your company every single day. Likewise, that team is backed up by an executive team with a wealth of experience in both technology, compliance, and business - bringing the best of all worlds right to your door.

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The Levit8 Executive Team
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Chief Technology Officer
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The Levit8 Mission

All of this - every element that we have spoken about adds up to build our everyday mission: Here it is:

"At Levit8 we are passionate about providing superior IT solutions for our clients. We do this by delivering premium technology combined with excellence in service standards. We collaborate with our clients to develop a relationship built on integrity, trust, transparency, and being accountable for risk mitigation, return on investment and exceptional value; all supported by a team of local IT experts.

We raise the bar..."