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Chief Operations Officer

Professional Profile

After graduating in the field of Information Technology I have embarked on a journey deep in to the amazing and ever evolving Information Technology space.

Having a deep passion for technology in this cloud computing era, in what I explain in my own words as absolutely mind blowing, exciting, and empowering platforms for us to do business simpler. This passion has drawn me to consult, sharing my years of vast experience in assisting companies to improve efficiency, gain return on investment, increase security, and streamline mobility.

As Chief Operations Officer at Levit8 Business IT Solutions, I ensure we come together as a team of professionals to provide companies with the right ICT solutions, all whilst developing strong relationships built on Integrity, Transparency and Accountability. My Passion for technology advances is what drives my underlying substance and in turn, I ensure companies benefit from extremely customised and legislatively ground and secure ICT solutions from a wholistic business prospective.

ICT Solution expert in the following :

  • Management & Leadership
  • Team Collaboration
  • Compliance &amp Risk Management
  • Budgeting &amp Road Map Planning
  • Wholistic Disaster Recovery &amp Continuity Planning
  • Microsoft; Azure Cloud environment, Licensing, Architecture
  • SME &amp Enterprise Backup Solutions
  • SME &amp Enterprise End-point Cyber Security Solutions
  • SME &amp Enterprise hardware procurement, deployment and lifecycle planning

Industry Experience

In my ICT career and Management exposure, I have developed a vast knowledge across many varying industries, allowing me insight into how companies operate through specific verticals, industry specific requirements and providing me invaluable management and process improvement fundamentals. In developing these rare skills in the industry, I consult, , execute, and implement specific ICT solutions to suit your company, in view of scalability, stability, availability in turn increasing your efficiency and profitability.

Industry specific experience in the following :

  • Financial & Accounting
  • Legal
  • Medical
  • Production & Warehousing
  • Non-for Profit
  • Aviation
  • Field Service
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    At Levit8, we do not sell products or services. We sell IT solutions – because that is exactly what they are.
    But further to this, these are custom solutions that are built ground up specifically for your company.