Custom Integration Platform

Integrate your line of business solution with Flow


If you need to share data or automate business processes while avoiding significant investment in new software applications or data structures, Flow Software delivers. Flow provides your business with a method of accomplishing IT systems integration which is seamless and cost-effective.

Flow has developed a simple methodology to configure systems integration faster and smarter. So whether your business is starting out, or is a major enterprise, Flow is scalable and flexible enough to respond as your needs grow. You can be confident that Flow provides a current market-based technology offering that is feature-rich and delivers benefits beyond your expectations.

The Benefits of Custom Integration Platform

Empower Your Custom Integration Platform

At Levit8, we're well aware that Custom Integration Platform's various solutions already bring a great deal of value to the table on their own. We want to help you extend that value even further, allowing you to take advantage of benefits like:

  • Rapidly Deployed
    Implement integrations in a fraction of the time of other software.
  • Infrastructure Friendly
    Cloud based or minimal hardware and infrastructure.
  • Powerful
    Enterprise level processing power.
  • Scalable
    Grows with your business, giving you as many connections and as much data as you need.
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We understand that the technology needs of a modern organisation are complex. Most organisations require many systems to work together to allow them to produce work product successfully.

Over the years we have built many successful relationships with the providers of many different line-of-business solutions. These relationships are based on successful technical integration and can also extend to executive engagement and joint marketing activities. Examples of these relationships include FileBound, SharePoint, Azure, Docushare, PMS Applications, Accounting Aplications, Microsoft Business Central, M-Files, Sage Handisoft etc.

Partnering with our advanced document capture, workflow, robotic processing and / or document management capabilities with your line-of-business software can provide your customers with unparalleled solution possibilities. This in turn can create increased customer loyalty and additional revenue opportunities.

Custom Integration Platform 365 Business Central Consulting

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UpFlow is the Asia Pacific distributor for a range of products in the business automation space. UpFlow’s Mission is to deliver solutions consistent with our Vision and Values. They currently achieve this through the sale and support of the PSIcapture, PSIfusion, docMgt and FileBound Enterprise Content and Work Management solution as well as a range of supporting technologies. These solutions are designed and developed by PSIGEN, PLE Software Group and Upland Software.

payable processing
Is your accounts payable processing still manual?

Is your accounts payable department still keying in data, stamping documents, manually coding or walking invoices around the office for approval? We can help!

Using SharePoint or Azure?

Looking for a capture platform that can integrate seamlessly to your SharePoint and Azure platforms? PSIGEN, PSIcapture can do this and more!

Improve your scanning bureau

Struggling to get work through a complex Capture platform that needs high end developers to maintain or wanting more functionality above the scanner software?