AtOne Workforce Management

One System For Everything You Need,

Keeping You Productive, Compliant and Beyond

At its core, AtOne Workforce Management is more than just another piece of software. It's a paperless workforce management system designed to act as a single, turnkey solution to cover ALL of your workforce management needs.

Everything from HR to safety and compliance to contractor management is here, it's under one roof and it's a lot easier to use than you think.

If you're tired of trying to make a myriad of different software packages "speak" to one another with little success, you now have the chance to exchange all of those costly and time consuming workarounds for the kind of one stop shop that will truly drive your business forward.

The Benefits

AtOne Workforce Management brings with it a host of unique benefits you'd be hard-pressed to match anywhere else, including but not limited to things like:

Atone software
A powerful HR platform

Every module is built from the ground up to not only support your business, but to help you meet ALL of your employee relations obligations.

Safety & compliance

AtOne comes complete with a plethora of interactive safety management tools, allowing you to positively impact safety and create genuine organizational culture change along the way.

AtOne task management
The task manager

Effortlessly create and assign tasks to specific employees based on the people most qualified for the job, giving you an unprecedented level of visibility into your workflow, your deadlines and more.

Contractor management

All of the contracts, insurance records, and even KPIs are now at your fingertips by way of a single point of reference.

client training
Training and development

Get insight into qualifications and more by way of an automated system that always alerts you to and reminds you of everything you need to know.

AtOne Workforce Management Software


AtOne’s® workforce software platform combines HR, Safety, Training, eLearning, Recruitment and Contractor data in one intuitive application. Realising the true benefit of implementing a workforce management platform can be significant both in time and money. The modules, templates and fields contained within the system afford businesses the ability to respond proactively to external audits and regulatory requests.

Levit8 and AtOne:

The Perfect Partnership

Since our inception, the team at Levit8 has always worked hard to help organizations like yours extend the major benefits of software like AtOne Workforce Management as far as they can go. With us by your side, you'll enjoy advantages like:

  • Predictable costs
    With our pay-as-you-go monthly pricing model, you'll never have to wonder about what you're paying for ever again.
  • Superior mobility
    All of your data is always available from anywhere, at any time, from any device.
  • Reliability
    24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, we're at your beck and call.
  • Maximum availability
    Thanks to our hosted network, you won't have to worry about costly periods of downtime that could grind your productivity to a halt.
  • compliance
    Let us stay up-to-date with all the relevant industry regulations and standards so that you can focus on your business - exactly the way it should be.