Backup and Disaster Recovery

Backup and Disaster Recovery

The Will to Win Means Nothing Without the Will to Prepare

Different factors determine the size of an organisation, however, in our data-driven society, owners of all business sizes shall have the same mindset regarding the importance of their data. We go about our days oftentimes not realizing just how much information we produce, and during these days, our data continues to grow in importance and volume.

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International Data Corporation (IDC), a global provider of market intelligence, projected that the datasphere, or in other words, the amount of digital data generated, will grow from 33 Zettabytes in 2018 to 175 Zettabytes by 2025. For your understanding, one ZB is approximately equal to a trillion Gigabytes. Yes, we are talking about a huge amount of data and you should keep in your mind that a significant part of this data is, and will remain being, critical to our daily lives. In our digitalised world, a single outage can cost millions of dollars to business and, as your business partner and Service Provider, we will prepare your business to be resilient during catastrophic events and cyber attacks, by enabling your business to quickly recover and efficiently return to its usual operation reducing, this way, the loss of your profits.

At Levit8, we understand that successful maintenance of your operations is fundamental for the accomplishment of your business mission. Keeping your critical systems and networks operating and your vital data accessible is, therefore, our legacy.

Backup Is a Digital Miracle

Digital data brings more efficiency and automation to workflows, allowing thus a successful business navigation. Although data loss can happen to anyone, having backup strategy will give you the respite you need when the crushing feeling that part your valuable data are gone. Hardware defects, natural disasters or malware attacks such as viruses and ransomware are a few examples of events that can lead to data loss; and having your data backed up across multiple devices across multiple facilities in a cost-effective way is the miracle you need when something goes wrong in your company.

Due to the various advantages offered by cloud computing, 49% of the world’s stored data will reside in public cloud environments by 2025. Our highly resilient cloud infrastructure is capable to ensure that the failure of one network connection will not degrade your connection, offering you reliable and redundant storage. How much data does your business creates and process per day? How much data would be tolerated by your business to be lost? The answers to these questions shall be taken in consideration to control your use of backup services and your company tolerance for downtime.

Our team of specialists is ready to design a robust backup infrastructure solution for you based on the type and amount of data you need to store, and in the frequency and time you need to access your data. Don’t let your critical data be tortured, otherwise they will confess to anything!

You Think You Need Backup Until You Realise that

You Actually Needed Restore

It is logical and simple: backup safely archives your data and restore allows the recovery of your archived data. The process to quickly access data in case of data deletion or corruption demands a proactive approach to avoiding downtime and building up business resiliency.With global climate change, the frequency and magnitude of weather events has increased, and it can be particularly harmful for companies that are not prepared. In view of this, and to avoid concerns, natural disasters threats must be considered by company owners as much as cyber threats when preparing for an outage.

By implementing our plan for addressing inevitable downtime, your company will not only save thousands or even millions of dollars in interruption, but also, and mainly, ensure the health of crucial qualitative factors such as employee morale, brand reputation, and customer loyalty.