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WatchGuard Network Security From Levit8

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The Total Security You Need in One Effortless Platform

One of the major reasons why enterprise network security is so difficult to address these days is because the very definition of the term "enterprise" is constantly changing. In the past, an "enterprise" was a series of desktop and laptop computers and a few servers in a cabinet somewhere. Flash forward to today and you're talking about all of this as well as smartphones, laptops and a small army of mobile devices, too.

But instead of being forced to use multiple solutions that were never designed to work together to provide total protection for your network, you get the absolute security you need by way of one option that is as easy-to-use as it is sophisticated - WatchGuard Network Security.

The Benefits of WatchGuard Network Security

WatchGuard Network Security is a complete, turnkey, one-stop shop designed to bring best-in-class, enterprise-grade network security to ANY organization - regardless of how many users it has or what size it happens to be. It operates by way of an innovative (and award-winning) Unified Threat Management appliance, which brings you all the features you need in a way that is easy to deploy, use and manage moving forward.

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Security Services

WatchGuard's network security platform offers protection against not only spyware, viruses, ransomware, botnets and more, but also zero day malware, data leakage and beyond.

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Firewall Appliances

It doesn't matter whether you're a business operating one location or many spread out across a massive geographic area - WatchGuard has a full portfolio of firewall appliances that will make sure you're protected, no matter what.

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Cloud and Virtual Firewalls

Virtual networking has always been a benefit for organizations in all industries, but it was also limited in one major way: security. Thankfully, those days are over, as WatchGuard includes a comprehensive suite of defenses for your virtual environments, too.

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Reporting and Visibility

Never forget that those who ignore the mistakes of the past are doomed to repeat them. Let real-time and actionable analytics about your network's past help you make better and more informed decisions moving forward.

WatchGuard Network Security

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Award-winning, enterprise-grade protection for SMBs and distributed enterprises in one cost-effective, centrally managed solution. Keep imposters away from your networks and data with extended user verification that's easy to use and administer.

Levit8 and WatchGuard Network Security:

Two Forces Align For Your Benefit

When you partner with Levit8 for your WatchGuard Network Security deployment, you'll get to enjoy a wide range of different benefits like:

  • Total Reliability. It doesn't matter what time of day or night you have a problem - we will have the solution, guaranteed.
  • Mobility. Every last kilobyte of data in your enterprise is available anytime, anywhere, from any device.
  • Predictability. Stop paying for resources that you're not actually using and enjoy the financial freedom you can only get from our flexible pay-as-you-go model.