Datto Backup Recovery
Back-up, Restore, Protect.

Backup, Restore and Protect. Levit8 is proud to be a partner of Datto. Datto has its own private cloud which is purpose built for backup and recovery and to provide maximum flexibility for clients.

The Datto cloud is the backbone for Datto Unified Continuity by not only providing offsite images of backups but protecting them from harm through multiple layers of security.

Today’s businesses need more than just backups. Datto is a complete BCDR solution designed to get your business back up and running when disruptions occur.

Datto Backup Recovery

With Datto, you benefit from reliable data protection, minimal downtime and ransomware recovery. 

Datto backup

Reliable, verified backups

With automated date and boot verification, know when a backup has failed or when ransomware has been detected.

Secure Global CLoud

Datto's secure, highly available, geo-replicated cloud infrastructure enables fast off-site disaster recovery.
Datto backup recovery

Restoration for any scenario

Whether it's a few lost files, a system crash, or a site-wide disaster. Datto has restore tools to get you up and running again fast.
Datto backup Recovery

A program designed to get your business back up and running while keeping your downtime to a minimum.

Levit8 and Datto Backup Recovery

When you partner with Levit8 for Datto Backup Recovery, you’ll get to enjoy a wide range of different benefits like:

Secure Backups : Enjoy the security in knowing all of your data is safe and can be restored in a matter of minutes with the help of Levit8…

Ransomware Recovery : Piece of mind knowing that all of your backups have been scanned for ransomware, so Levit8 can get you back on trach in case of an attack…

Flexible Protection : Know that you can protect any physical, virtual or and cloud infrastructure running on Windows, Mac or Linux.

The backup you need
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If this level of back up recovery sounds like what your organization needs, great – we might be able to help. We recommend you request a meeting with one of our technical solutions executives so we can learn as much about your business as possible. That’ll help make sure we’re a good fit for one another, thus allowing us to provide you with the security you need.

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