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Cyber Security Threats Today

We are living in the era of innovation where the fast advance of physical, digital and biological technologies has potentially increased the complexity of cyber threats.

According to Gartner, one of the leading researchers and advisory companies in the world, 20.4 billion devices are globally connected. Each new device brings with it a new security challenge and it is a true fact that, as technology evolves, cyber incidents become more sophisticated.

Several data breaches occur every day around the world causing huge financial impacts on companies. The average cost of a breach is $ 3.86 million, and this figure may significantly increase depending on the size of the organisation attacked.

Total prevention to cyber attacks is impossible and understanding that at some point your organisation will be attacked is a big step moving forward to build a healthy cyber culture, mitigating as much risk as possible.

As Cyber Security professionals, we keep up to date with industry, government, and leading advisories best practices and can implement these pratices into your company to mitigate the chances of an attack and to minimise potential risks that attacks can cause in harming your business critical data.

LEVIT8: Raise the bar.
Cyber Security Essential Eight – Maturity Levels

To assist companies and organisations with the implementation of the Essential Eight, four maturity levels have been defined (Maturity Level Zero through to Maturity Level Three). With the exception of Maturity Level Zero, the maturity levels are based on mitigating increasing levels of adversary tradecraft (i.e. tools, tactics, techniques and procedures) and targeting.

Depending on an adversary’s overall capability, they may exhibit different levels of tradecraft for different operations against different targets. For example, an adversary capable of advanced tradecraft may use it against one target while using basic tradecraft against another. As such, we will assist you in definfing what level of tradecraft and targeting, rather than which adversaries, you are aiming to mitigate.

You will need to consider that the likelihood of being targeted is influenced by your desirability to adversaries, and the consequences of a cyber security incident will depend on the requirement for the confidentiality of data, as well as your requirement for the availability and integrity of business systems and data. This, in combination with the descriptions for each maturity level, can be used to help determine a target maturity level to implement, we are the professionals and will define this with you.

LEVIT8: Raise the bar.
Our Approach to Cyber Security

Our efficient cyber governance plan is based on a holistic approach; where technical, human and physical factors are integrated to securing critical systems, networks and vital data. The Levit8 team will provide you with the support you need to begin your security journey. Our security and risk management teams are made up of highly skilled professionals from different backgrounds, including law and information technology.

We have heard from some clients that the difficulty they had in the past in understanding the technical language of some security experts was the main reason why they did not invest their time into information security and cyber security.

We are here to change this scenario! At Levit8, our professionals speak the language that you understand, allowing you to have clear visibility of the cyber landscape – but please, remember, that knowledge is of no value unless you put it into practice. Cyber security is very complex and involves meeting information and data compliance requirements, human education, as well as clients and staff expectations.

LEVIT8: Raise the bar.
Our Implementation Approach

When implementing the Essential Eight, we assist you to firstly identify a target maturity level that is suitable for your technology environment. After the maturity level is defined, we progressively implement each maturity level until the final target is achieved.

As the mitigation strategies that constitute the Essential Eight have been designed to complement each other, and to provide coverage of various cyber threats, it is important that we plan the implementation to achieve the same maturity level across all eight mitigation strategies before moving onto higher maturity levels.

Our risk-based approach to implementing the Essential Eight ensures success. In doing so, we are seeking to minimise any exceptions and the scope, for example, by implementing compensating security controls and ensuring the number of systems or users impacted are minimised. In addition, any exceptions will be documented and approved through an appropriate process. Subsequently, the need for any exceptions, and associated compensating security controls, will be monitored and reviewed on a regular basis.

As the Essential Eight outlines a minimum set of preventative measures, we will include and need to implement additional measures to those within this maturity model where it is warranted by your industry and technology environment. Further, while the Essential Eight can help to mitigate the majority of cyber threats, it will not mitigate all cyber threats. As such, additional mitigation strategies and security controls need to be considered, and our team are here to make sure your Cyber journey leaves nothing unturned.

LEVIT8: Raise the bar.
Cyber Security Lifecycle Analysis


The World Economic Forum has recognised threats to cyber security among the top five business risks. In our assessment, we will also consider other threats that are likely to impact your organisation.


The cyber landscape is constantly evolving, and considering your organisation's industry, we will identify today’s threats and analyse emerging threats that poses your organisation at risk.


With our powerful thinking, we will investigate how identified threats could affect your organisation. Once identified a target maturity level is applied to suit your operation.


Based in your most critical systems and assets, we will promote a risk assessment and assess the sophistication of the protection measures your organisation currently has in place.


We will work with your team in the identification of the vital systems and data that your organisation relies on to accomplish its business mission.


Building cyber resilience requires aggressive new tools. We will re-design your technical infrastructure and recommend you new resources.


We will develop training methods that suit your workforce and successfully create cyber awareness within all departments of your organisation.


In order to preserve the ongoing operations and reputation of your organisation, we will build a tailored strategy to ensure your business remain operating during a crises moment.


Weaknesses will be replaced to strengths, and proactive reviews of the developed recovery process will maximise your business resilience and overcome any identified failures.
LEVIT8: Raise the bar.
How We Assist You On This Journey

Building an educated cyber culture is the key to success in minimising risk. Saying this, it is crucial that you understand that every member in your organisation needs to be aware of potential threats and risks posed by the way they perform their everyday work. Our goal is not to deliver a traditional approach to cyber security by implementing security solutions only, but a complete wholistic approach to help you educate and share best practices for a helathy cyber security culture inside your organisation, let’s make the difference in your company and society.

Together, we will establish a set of actions, policies and tools to protect the confidentiality and preserve the integrity of your information, and also promote its availability for access and use.

The Australian Government stated that cyber resilience is not a tech issue, it is a business issue; and we complement it by saying that cyber exposure isn’t a tech risk, it’s a business risk.

The Levit8 team fosters cyber resilience and is ready to raise your company security bar.

LEVIT8: Raise the bar.
Other Services We Offer

At Levit8, we do not sell products or services. We provide IT solutions – because that is exactly what they are.
But further to this, we utilise our corporate business experience and industry knowledge to customise solutions that are built ground up specifically for your company in your industry vertical.

Our Implementation Approach

Our Approach to Cyber Security