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Amazon Web Services

At Levit8, we understand how important your cloud-based solutions are to the future success of your business. That's a large part of the reason why we offer complete, end-to-end, turnkey solutions designed with your needs - and your outcomes - in mind.

Whether you're migrating to AWS for the first time, have an existing environment that you need help managing 24 hours a day, seven days a week, or just want to better leverage your current AWS solutions to generate superior value through automation and analytics, through our AWS consulting services we'll provide you with the expert insight you need when you need it the most.

Our team members not only have multiple certifications, but they also have deeply rooted experience across the ENTIRE AWS ecosystem - meaning that you'll be in the best possible position to embrace innovative technologies, execute your unique strategy and optimize the ultimate quality of your service moving forward.

AWS Migration:

What You Need to Know

We understand that the cloud can be whatever you need it to be, whenever you need it to be that, no exceptions. That's why we always work hard to partner with organizations like yours early on in your migration process, helping you craft a true strategic approach to workload migration through AWS consulting. Not only does the team at Levit8 specialize in architectural design, but we can also help guarantee that your hybrid, private or public cloud strategy meets or exceeds all governance, compliance and security requirements associated with even the most highly regulated industries.

Through AWS consulting we'll not only help you create a new array of best practices - we'll make sure those procedures are fully documented, automated and as efficient as they can be, thus improving quality and speeding up your time to market in one fell swoop. You'll be left with a cloud solution that is capable of evolving just as quickly as your business does, too.

AWS vs. Azure: Breaking Things Down

In terms of public cloud computing, there are essentially two main options battling for supremacy on a global scale: Amazon Web Services and Microsoft's Azure. They both bring their fair share of advantages to the table:


Experts agree that AWS is not only the most mature, enterprise-ready provider on the market today, but its capabilities for handling the needs of a large number of users - and their resources - is essentially unmatched. AWS runs best on a Linux environment, and is particularly well-suited for industries like retail and even finance.

Azure logo

Azure offers some unique benefits, too. Enterprises that already use a lot of Microsoft software often make the jump to Azure as the company essentially took a lot of solutions like Windows Server, SQL Server, .NET, Dynamics Active Directory and more and repurposed them for the cloud.

In the end, we find that AWS is often the right choice for businesses who want to create the fully custom environment that meets their needs from the ground up. For those organizations who are ready to go "all in" - who want to leverage the cloud to craft a genuine competitive advantage for themselves - the flexibility, scalability and comprehensive nature of AWS is virtually unparalleled.