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Importance of Local Support for Brisbane Businesses

When it comes to IT support services, it can be easy to fall into the trap of thinking you don’t need a local provider. After all, if everything’s online and accessible remotely, why would you need your managed IT support partner to be in the same locale as your business?

There are actually plenty of good reasons to shop local when it comes to managed IT support. As part of our posts on what to look for in a managed IT service provider, local support is a key pillar alongside evaluating expertise and contract flexibility + customised solutions.Let’s look at all the benefits of having a managed IT service provider based locally in Brisbane.

Quick Response Times

Just like your home’s plumbing, IT emergencies like security breaches or system crashes never wait for a convenient time to strike. When it comes to certain situations like data breaches, the speed of your response can be the difference between a close call and total disaster. If the worst were to occur, you don’t want to be in a situation where you’re waiting anxiously for a team in another time zone to wake up and attend to your issue.

Working with a local Brisbane team means that your 9-5 is the same as theirs, so you can rest assured they’re able to respond as quickly as possible.

Personalised Service and Local Market Understanding

While it may not always be immediately apparent, every CBD around the world has its own quirks and unique competitive landscape. If you’re based in Brisbane, then you can’t discount the personalised service and local market understanding that a local provider can bring. Everything from local rules and regulations to levels of network coverage and the location of servers and data centres can come into play in various ways with regard to your IT systems.

Balancing On-Site and Remote Capabilities

Of course, when your managed IT provider is based in the same local area as your company, you can rely on them to provide on-site as well as remote support. While most issues can typically be resolved remotely, there are always going to be situations where it’s simply much easier for an expert to come onto the premises to do what they do best.

Having access to on-site support can be essential for:

  • Hardware Issues: Problems like server malfunctions, hardware breakdowns, or physical connectivity issues require on-site attention. An expert needs to physically inspect, repair, or replace components.

  • Network Setup and Hardware Installation: Setting up a new network infrastructure or installing complex hardware systems often requires on-site expertise. This includes configuring routers, setting up wireless access points, and ensuring optimal physical placement for network efficiency.

  • Disaster Recovery: In cases of major system failures, such as those caused by natural disasters or significant hardware malfunction, on-site support is crucial to assess damage, retrieve data, and restore systems.

  • Detailed Assessments and Audits: Conducting comprehensive IT audits or detailed assessments of the IT infrastructure often requires an expert to be present on-site to inspect the physical setup and interact with the team.

  • Hands-on Training: For certain complex systems or hardware, hands-on training provided on-site can be more effective than remote guidance. This allows for real-time interaction and immediate resolution of queries.

Cultural Synchronicity

Working with a local managed IT service provider in Brisbane means that their team is going to be more aligned with yours in terms of business culture and language nuances. It doesn’t matter how technically skilled a provider is; if they can’t communicate seamlessly with your team and understand the way they describe problems, issues can’t be addressed effectively.

Building a Relationship

When you’re on the hunt for a managed IT service provider, you’re going to be looking for a team you can partner with for the long run. To make this work, building a relationship and rapport with the provider is essential, and this is always easier when they’re based in the same city as you.

Experience the Difference with Levit8, Your Local Brisbane Managed IT Service Provider

From responsiveness to critical issues to local expertise and accountability, the benefits of working with a local Brisbane managed IT service provider are manifold. At Levit8, we are one of Brisbane’s longest serving and most highly regarded providers, with a reputation for proactive support and unparalleled customer service.

If you’re going to go local (and you should), then go with Levit8.

Learn more about our Managed IT Services in Brisbane. When you’re ready to chat about your IT needs, contact our team at 1800 538 488 or reach out via our contact centre.

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