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How Managed Office 365 Services Can Improve The Productivity of Your Team

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

"Office 365 is a Microsoft toolkit allowing team members to access and use Office applications on their devices anytime" - Levit8 Business IT Solutions Team

The web-based toolkit is regularly updated, allowing users to share documents and connect with team members. This enables multiple users to view and edit items in real-time.

Time is a precious commodity when working to a deadline, so it is important to make the best use of the features available in Office 365 to boost team productivity.

What is A 'Managed Office 365 Service'?

Microsoft’s Office 365 is designed to increase the productivity of businesses in many ways. The features which make this possible are SharePoint Online, Exchange Online, Teams, and other applications designed to meet the needs of busy corporate executives.

However, there may be times when specific services may not be required, and discontinuing them can deliver significant time and cost savings. Uncovering all the features of Microsoft Office 365 is a mammoth task and few businesses have the time or resources to invest in learning about each component.

A Managed Office 355 provider can help a business get the most out of the tool by unlocking its full potential and assisting with employing or deploying services to meet the requirements of the business. This saves time and keeps team members productive.


Here are some ways in which Managed Office 365 Services can help in improving the productivity of a team:

Faster Implementation

The time invested by team members in learning how to plan and deploy Office 365 in the business can be put to better use in more relevant business initiatives.

Microsoft’s Cloud Service Provider (CSP) program makes it possible to streamline the design, planning, and deployment components. If the business were to use the services of a consulting firm to assist with these components, there could be a significant delay between purchase and deployment because consultants can only be engaged after a purchase has been made.

On the other hand, leveraging a Managed Office 365 provider's knowledge and expertise makes using Office 365 seamless, and the agreement lifecycle is automated. The deployment process is also managed by the service provider, which makes the entire operation fast and easy.

Deployment and Administration Support

By assisting with the deployment and administration of the Office 365 product suite, a Managed Office 365 Services Provider can ensure that any incident is proactively and swiftly managed and resolved. This ensures a business can manage the use of Office 365 services without any additional investment in resources.

Detailed analytics relating to the deployment of Office 365 are provided by the service provider. This allows businesses to track how effectively the tools are being used.

If an IT team has never managed an Office 365 deployment, a managed service provider can handle the deployment so they don’t spend time learning the process.

Retains Control in the Business

At all times, a business will retain full access to its Administration Portal and observe everything within its Office 365 environment.

When partnering with a Managed Office 365 Services provider, the business can decide what they want to administer and what their managed services provider needs to do.

Tasking backend processes and protocols that aren’t growth-focused, allows the internal IT staff to remain strategic, productive, and efficient as they can focus on core business activities.

Faster Response Time

Managed Office 365 Service Providers who are backed by Microsoft Premier Support contracts have access to escalation procedures that are not included in Standard Office 365 support.

Businesses can access priority support from Microsoft without purchasing a contract for their cloud services by contracting with a Managed Office 365 provider. Aside from this, the managed service providers will manage any escalations on behalf of the business.


Why Partner With Levit8...

Levit8 helps businesses extend the value of Microsoft Office 365 by ensuring all the tools are correctly configured and deployed so it runs at their full potential. After deployment, Levit8 can provide a Managed IT Services to support your business, ensuring your Microosft 365 yenant remains in great shape.

We can help with everything from Office 365 migration to consulting and critical mobility. If you would like to learn more, please call 1800 538 488 or click here to contact us.

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