Is your password putting your company at risk?

How poor password habits put your company at risk

Stolen credentials are the simplest and most undetected way to tap into someone’s account; think about it, how often do you question if your passwords are safe enough?

Cybercriminals use many key tactics in attempt to breach a company’s internal systems. There are many poor password habits that majority of people fall into; a common habit is using the same password for a personal account, a business account. Another is signing up to a platform outside of your company with your business credentials (email and password). Not to mention the vast amount of people who still write their passwords on sticky notes, then lose the sticky note or have a third party discover the sticky note and record the password (this even happened inside NASA!). These practices put your company data, your employees’ data, and your clients’ data at high risk of being taken and used maliciously

Weak password examples

Many people still create weak and simple passwords that fail guidelines; the passwords generally entail their name, birthdate, significant other, pet, favourite colour, street name, children’s name, or favourite sports team. Combine that with reusing the same password to all accounts and you have multiplied your problem from one to many.

Let’s elaborate; say you sign up to LinkedIn and use your personal email and the password is BluEd0GwITh@WhaCKYT@!L. You use that same password to login to your work email account which has admin access. Now, LinkedIn becomes breached, the hackers now have your personal email, password, full name, date of birth, and the company you work for. They google the company and find the email account that belongs to you, then proceed to log in with ease. This is one of many examples that happen every single day, moreover, chances of you knowing that someone else is sitting in your email account is unlikely.

What you can do to help prevent poor passwords affecting your company

Single Sign On VS Multifactor Authenticator
A single sign on solution is helpful for authenticating access to cloud-based applications quickly, however, it fails to provide the necessary flexibility and security for native applications and metadata. This is where a comprehensive password security and management platform becomes critical; Multifactor Authenticator (MFA) apps are a great and well used way of to add a layer of protection to the sign-in process.

Password Management Platform
These platforms automatically generate unique, randomised, and high-strength passwords for all your sites and applications. The passwords are stored in a personal and encrypted digital vault that you can access from any device. {The best products here integrate with single sign on to provide a comprehensive solution for the enterprise across cloud and native applications.} I would take out this sentence to not promote single sign on.

Dark Web Monitoring
In addition to the above, a Dark Web Monitoring service should also be utilised. Billions of usernames and passwords have been stolen from public data breached and placed on the Dark Web for sale. It is important to know if any employee credentials are being traded by cybercriminals on the Dark Web

and subsequently used to target the company’s online accounts and assets. A Dark Web Monitoring program will alert you to these stolen credentials by simply imputing your domain.

It is important to know that cyber-hackers are becoming craftier every day and find more ways of by-passing security systems; that is why we always recommend multiple layers of protection, updating your modes of protection, and to seek professional advice.

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