Levit8’s core values and how they have driven our success

Our core values are the reason Levit8 is successful

Building a successful IT Company that operates from multiple locations across Australia from the ground up is not an easy task. It requires resilience, bravery, risk, drive, and many other qualities to continue pushing forward even during the tough times. However, there was one value that stuck with us during the entire journey, it is the core factor to all our decisions right down to the team that we employ, and that’s passion. Everything we do whole heartily in life is because we care or are passionate about doing it.


Passion is the reason we wake up every morning and walk into our Head Office in 50 Cavil Avenue with immense pride. It is humbling to know our entire team are passionate about the reason Levit8 exists and our mission. When we stride into our office everyone is vibrant and happy, which is generally uncommon in our industry, given we are the people you call when your tools are not working, and you are in distress. This tells us we have done an exceptional job at instilling a positive culture.


Transparency from beginning to end, we practice open and honest communication with our clients as well as within our team. It is important that we employ a team who share our values and it is even more important that we provide them a safe and comfortable working environment with full transparency in what they can expect from us as well as us from them.


Accountability with everything we do, we hold ourselves accountable taking complete ownership of our role in your business. We strive to be reliable, available, and responsive to the best of our abilities at all times – no matter what.


Excellence is something our clients can expect from our us, our products, and our IT services. We will always provide you and your business with excellent IT solutions tailored specifically to you.


Collaboration with our clients and with our Team: we believe that we work better together. That is why collaboration is one of our core values. We guarantee that every interaction we have – both internally and externally with our clients – will be professional. Only then, can we come together to form something far more effective than we could have on our own.

Our mission

Our mission is to help Australian companies achieve their goals through efficient use of technology. When it comes to the growth strategy, competitive edge plan, compliance with the governance in their industry, maintaining best practices with technology, planning for disasters, or even world domination as we call it at Levit8; We are here to sit alongside our clients and provide our professional advice. We are different to other IT service providers across Australia; We deliver managed IT Support through strategic IT solutions and true partnerships.

Levit8 Business IT Solutions.
We Raise The Bar.