IT Support for Medical Practices

Medical Practices Require a Security Expert Approach to IT Solutions

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How Levit8 can improve your security and guarantee data protection:
  • We audit your systems, design and implement sustainable highly available technologies to ensure you can handle incoming patients and provide your services knowing that your IT systems are reliable.
  • In a world constantly in fear of a data breach, especially highly valuable medical records, our team will ensure your companies complete protection of patient health records and other sensitive information.
  • As a truly dedicated technology support partner, we will take ownership and liaise on your behalf with your multiple equipment suppliers, right through to medical software vendors.

Levit8's Approach

to Medical Practices

At Levit8, we have years of experience supporting medical practices just like yours and we know how to keep things running smoothly. We understand the unique flow that medical practice IT support requires, and how complex networks can get when you start adding x-ray machines, transcription devices, specialist imaging equipment and more.

Above all else, we want to make sure you don't have to focus so much attention on managing your computer systems so that you can get back to caring for your patients, exactly the way it should be.

Medical Practice Solutions

data breach
Data breach prevention & mitigation

Medical practices are regularly a top target for hackers around the world because of the massive value of medical data on the black market. Together, we'll help make sure this is NOT something you have to worry about.

vendor management
Vendor management

Tired of trying to make sense of multiple contracts, all with their own unique terms of service agreements? You can let us handle all of this on your behalf by way of our innovative Triage service for medical practices.

it budget
IT budget management

We won't just identify opportunities for cost savings and efficiency improvements for your medical practice, we will help maintain the value of your investment in technology.

IT support
24/7/365 support

Every minute your systems are down is a minute you cannot provide your patients with critical care. At Levit8, we're ready to handle problems both large and small at any time of day or night.

Our Software

Levit8 has years of experience in all of the top software solutions that medical practices use on a daily basis, including but not limited to Medical Director, Health Track, Best Practice, and Meditrack to name just a few.