IT Support for Law Firms

A Forward-Thinking Approach to IT Support

for Law Firms

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Here's how Levit8 can empower your law firm moving forward:
  • We'll help you leverage technology in a way that lets your people work as efficiently as possible. Digital dictation, for example, is a great way to remove one more menial task from your people's plates so they can focus on the bigger picture.
  • Never worry about downtime ever again. You don't work traditional "9 to 5" hours, and neither should your IT. No matter what time of day or night you run into a problem, you can rest easy knowing that we have a solution.
  • Our team will guarantee that you have complete protection against viruses, malware and even hackers around the world. Law firms are an increasingly popular target of rogue actors - don't let yourself become a victim.

Levit8's Unique Blend of

IT Support for Law Firms

At Levit8, we don't just have experience helping businesses like yours create better, more efficient and more cost effective IT support. We have the legal industry-specific experience needed to keep up with a fast paced environment such as yours. We understand that there's no such thing as "one small problem" in a law firm - downtime leads to slashed productivity, potential compliance issues and more. It can even begin to erode the fragile trust between you and your clients, as well. We also understand that even seasoned legal professionals work all hours of the day - and the hours and minutes leading up to those deadlines are some of the most important of all.

That's why we're available on the exact same 24/7/365 schedule that you are - because we're not going to let downtime get in the way of the important work that you're doing for clients in your area.

Our Legal Industry Solutions

document protection
Document protection

We've seen hackers breach law office invoicing systems over the years, for example, in a way that allowed them to change wire transfer details and steal massive amounts of money. We won't let that happen to you.

software integration
Software integration

Bring together your case management software and other solutions into the fully functional integrated ecosystem you need them to be.

business continuity
Business continuity and disaster recovery.

Judges don't care about downtime that makes it impossible to work on a case. Even when a disaster hits, we can get your entire firm back up and running no matter what.

auto attendant
Digital dictation

Rather than spending your time typing up transcripts and other important documents, you can automate this process by way of our digital dictation services.