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Mortgage Ezy

Mortgage Ezy

When the Needs of Technology and the Needs of a Growing Business Collide.

For most people, buying a home is a lot more than just another real estate transaction. It represents one of the biggest and most important events that those people will experience in their lives. So much of their success to that end comes down to their ability to not only secure, but to successfully manage, a mortgage on that home. That, of course, is where Mortgage Ezy comes into play.

Mortgage Ezy is an innovative, national, non-bank lender with offices spread out all over Australia. Since 2001, they’ve dedicated themselves to delivering highly innovative and individual home loan solutions to real customers across the country.

That’s not the type of thing you might assume technology plays a significant role in, but it absolutely does.

When I made my first call to Levit8, I knew our technology had stopped making sense a long time ago. Things “technically” worked, but everything had grown far too big for its own good and we had no idea what we were actually paying for – let alone what we were getting in return.

Immediately, I could tell that Levit8 understood that this was our real pain point – one that required an approach as opposed to any one particular service. Luckily, they were able to handle both. They overhauled all of our software licensing, took over our vendor relationships and migrated us into a new cloud environment that was custom built for Mortgage Ezy as it existed today as opposed to five years ago. We’re now more secure, more productive and more connected than ever – allowing us to improve the quality of services we can offer to our own clients across Australia. That’s all thanks to Levit8 and I for one can’t wait to see what they do next.

Jackie Moureau

Executive Support Manager
Mortgage Ezy Pty Ltd

Gall Standfield & Smith

Gall Standfield & Smith

Gall Standfield & Smith is a well-known law firm based in Southport. Gold Coast. During their 35 years in business, GSS has built a reputation for their honesty and good merit Grant Perry is the Office Manager at GSS, and has been Levit8’s point of contact for nearly one year. In the following, Mr. Perry will elaborate on his experience with Levit8’s team during his journey through the world of IT.

Levit8’s team always respond promptly to any issues we may have, as well as suggest improvements for our consideration. We enjoy all the benefits of a full in-house IT department for a fraction of the cost and without all the hassles of setting up and dealing with the staffing issues.

We are pleased to say that GSS are now operating on a fast, state of the art network that has improved staff productivity. increased morale. and provided drastic cost savings. They are now secure and fully prepared to reach their full growth potential. Levit8 were chosen for their reliability, honesty, and generally always showing a can-do attitude. Beau, Jamie and the team have always shown me respect and when we need them they are available. Nothing too small or too large for them.

Grant Perry

Office Manager
Gall Standfield & Smith