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What Can Your Company Expect From Brisbane IT Solutions?

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IT problems can come at you fast

Luckily, Levit8 is FASTER. Technology has evolved to the point where a lot of the commonly Help Desk tickets you might need to file can even be handled remotely. But even if that personal touch is required, you're in luck - because we're located right here in the heart of Brisbane, we'll always be able to get someone to your office as quick as possible to get you back on your feet.

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You are in complete control at all times

We'll never do anything you don't want us to do, and we'll never make a recommendation without first telling you WHY. Because we're located in Brisbane, we like to hold meetings with ALL of our clients at least once a month. That way, we can maintain the transparency we need to guarantee the mutually beneficial relationship we both deserve.

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Not just experience, but INDUSTRY experience

You don't need someone who is going to try to cram your company into a "one size fits all" box that doesn't exist. At Levit8, we take pride in the fact that we build unique, innovative and industry-specific solutions for ALL of our Brisbane area clients. Whether you're in financial services, field services, the legal profession or something else doesn't matter - you'll have the infrastructure that works best for YOU and YOU alone.

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Proactive IT is the IT of the future

Instead of spending so much time reacting to problems that have already happened, we find it's better to take steps today to prevent those problems from happening at all tomorrow. That way, you can avoid the types of downtime that lead to massive (and expensive) problems down the road.

Your Sophisticated Brisbane IT Solutions

Brisbane has played an important role in the development of Australia for literally hundreds upon hundreds of years. It's more than just a popular tourist destination. It's home to stunning sites like the Brisbane Powerhouse and St. John's Cathedral. It's a gateway to the state of Queensland - particularly to the Gold Coast and other areas. It was the site of not only the 1982 Commonwealth Games, but the 2014 G-20 summit. Countless business professionals live and work here on a daily basis and that heritage deserves to be protected - particularly when it comes to the technology that helped to make all of these wonderful things possible in the first place.

As your dedicated Brisbane IT solutions provider, the team at Levit8 will work hard to guarantee that you can enjoy all of the advantages of modern technology with as few of the downsides as possible. We do this through a number of critical techniques, including but not limited to ones like:

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Managed IT services

We can manage some or even all of your infrastructure in a way that removes all of the issues and distractions that normally come with trying to keep everything in-house. Instead, you'll have a gateway to a new era of productivity, collaboration and reliability - no exceptions.

cloud hosted pbx
Cloud hosted PBX

It doesn't matter how big your company is, how many offices you have or where they happen to be located around the world - they'll finally be able to communicate and work together as the living, breathing whole they were meant to be.

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Industry-specific software solutions

As Brisbane IT solutions providers, it's our job at Levit8 to be an expert not just in software, but in YOUR software. We know your unique ERP, CRM or other solution inside and out. We've been working with Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Dynamics, Microsoft Business Central and more for years. All of this is insight and expertise that we're willing to put to work for YOU.

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Advanced cyber security

The rate of cyber attacks is only going to rise over the next few years - is your business prepared to handle the challenge? When you enlist the Brisbane IT solutions experts at Levit8, you WILL be - all so that you can stop worrying about a breach and start focusing on those more important tasks.

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Cloud solutions

As an entrepreneur, qualities like scalability, agility, guaranteed compliance and security are always your top priority. Thanks to our expertise in the cloud, we can help address ALL of these things and more on a daily basis.

Backup / Disaster Recovery

Our team of specialists is ready to design a robust backup infrastructure solution for you based on the type and amount of data you need to store, and in the frequency and time you need to access your data. Don’t let your critical data be tortured, otherwise they will confess to anything!

The Different Approaches to Brisbane IT Solutions:

What You NEED to Know

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Overall, there are two main types of Brisbane IT solutions providers that you should be aware of. They usually fall into the following distinct categories:

  • The type of provider that not only understands your company and can see where it's headed, but that also knows how to leverage technology to get you there. These organizations tend to have a genuine vision that applies to your unique situation, and therefore are able to rise above the title of "provider" to become the genuine "partner" you've been searching for.
  • The type of company that really only exists to sell you products and services. They may be able to get you access to the hardware and software you need... but if anything breaks, you're essentially on your own. If support IS offered, it's typically reactive in nature - which means that problems like "downtime" may get fixed quickly, but they're inevitable just the same.

None of this is to say that the Brisbane IT solutions providers that fall into that second category DON'T have their place. Not every operational model is right for every company in the area. However, at Levit8, we've always worked hard to make sure we stay firmly within that first category - and the laundry list of satisfied clients that we've partnered with over the years seem to confirm that this was very much the right decision. If you're looking for Brisbane IT solutions providers who sound like the latter, that's perfectly fine - we wish you well. But if you're eager to partner with an organization that sounds like the former, we have some good news for you - the chances are high that this may be US.

More than anything, we will NEVER treat all clients like they're the same - because they're not. We REFUSE to begin and end or support offerings with simple remote help desk support. We do NOT see Brisbane IT solutions as a "necessary evil." Instead, we see them as the tools we need to build the bridge you'll use to connect your current business with your vision of what tomorrow might hold.

But in the end, we also see ourselves as genuine collaborators. We don't want to work for you, we want to work WITH you, together accomplishing extraordinary things that neither of us would be fully capable of on our own.

Levit8 Brisbane IT Solutions:

Our Industries

Over the years, the team at Levit8 has had the genuine honor of working with businesses in just about every industry that you can name. These include but are not limited to ones like:

Why Proactive Brisbane IT Solutions

Matter More Than You Think

At Levit8, we've always thought that the problem with the traditional "break/fix" model of IT support falls squarely on that first word - "break." You would never want to wait for your car to break down and THEN try to get it to a mechanic. You wouldn't even think of waiting for your air conditioner to break on a hot summer day, only then calling in a repair professional. At the first sign of trouble, you would call in the professionals to stop a small problem today before it becomes a bigger one tomorrow.

So why, then, should your IT be any different?

As Brisbane IT solutions providers, this simple idea is one that we've always believed in. But more than that, we want to offer you this level of service in a way that falls within your budget, that is transparent, that is filled with integrity and that allows you to remain in control - exactly the way
it should be.